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The pan world lost one of its true soldier Kelvin Hart.

to his Family & Friends may he rest in peace

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for decades Trinbago has been waking up to the sound of a pan being played by Kelvin, one of the original members of the very first national steelband which included foilks like Patrick Arnold, Junior pouchet, Hugh Borde, Cliff Alexis etc, Foundation member of Syncopators steel band, Harlewm All Stars, winner of 1963 ping pong soloist championship , Kelvin was a real living legend, Arranged the winning song for the first ever panorama in miami, pan tuner and pioneer of pan in Jamaica will be laid to rest on sunday in Holly hill fl

My condolences to the family. May he rest in peace

My condolences to the Hart family, I knew him in City syncopators in the early 60's, his older brother Kenny had passed now Kelvin is gone, may he rest in peace, Amen

My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Kelvin Hart. I met him once in Ft. Lauderdale when he performed at a wedding reception. He was the second pannist to win a Soloists Category in the 1960's; his victory was at the 1962 Steel Orchestra Music Festival. Bede from Washington had informed me last week about Mr. Hart's passing.

I knew Kelvin when he was captain of Star Delta from Four Roads Diego Martin.And he was a very cool guy.

My Condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.


As a young man, I was a member of Chase Manhattan Savoys in the Sxties. At that time  13 (Oswald Charles) who was the leader of Savoys  before me, organised  excursions annually to the beaches. This is when I met  Kelvin Hart .The solos he did on that outing remains indelibly in my mind. It was like he was ahead of his time. His musical ability and dexterity was incredible .It's unfortunate that masters like him and others like  Carl Greenidge are never mentioned  in the archives  and  steelband  books  that are around today.  RIP  My Friend, and Condolences  to the Family. martin albino

Amen ...  I first met "Kelo" as the leading tenor player in Jamaica All Stars, playing alongside other virtuosos like Aga Morris [tuner], "Four-Chords Norbert" [seconds], Desmond Hernandez, aka "Deso" [double-guitar] and Mackie Burnette [tenor].  He was the arranger for the group, which inspired/spawned many other steelbands to form in Kingston (Playboys, the Irvine Hall UWI  campus side; the Vulcans, our own small side on West Road; the Wanderers, off Molynes Road; among others).  I had no idea he was living in FL, though.


I first met Kelvin  25 yrs ago when i was living in Gainesville Fl.

He was a very special kind of guy- super kind- super cool and to this day

I dont think i  ever heard ANYONE play sweeter on a tenor.

He was one of those ultra talented, ultra humble guys.

RIP Kelvin, And condolences to your family

Errol ( chubby ) Nicholas I knew kelvin we were members of syncopators together for years till he left for jamaica. He just lived for pan a great panman, we met at the Orlando carnivalhe was still doing what he loved. he will be misse by all who knew him. thats the guy who introduced me to the bass.my condolences to the family our prayers are with you

"One bright morning when my work is over, I'll fly away home" (RN Marley)

Shalom soldier, you did well. Continue playing sweet music in heaven's great steelband, with those who have gone before you, 

Condolences to your family.


I remember kelvin very well He is the guy who edged  me out of winners row in the 1960 music festival ping Pong solo competition I came second to him .A verry good and cool pan player may he rest in peace.


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