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The Prime Minister, Steelpan and Tassa on Madison Avenue - India Day Parade 2010

 New York - The Honourable Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, was Guest of Honor on the lead float for the 30th India Day Parade on Madison Avenue in New York. Steelpan, Tassa and carnival masqueraders were a proud part of the parade pageantry.
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Very poor protocol. The India Day parade is no place for a Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago to be present. The right place for a Prime Minister of T&T (or the Prime Minister of India for that matter) is certainly not alongside a Bollywood actress. That KPB consented to be a part of this indignity is very troubling. The most she should have consented to was to sit with VIPs, nearer in rank to herself, on a reviewing dais somewhere. She by this act has demeaned herself and her country, by putting herself in a position subordinate to some fat-cat businessmen. She made herself a pappy-show, and T&T along with it.

-- Big Sid
Very well put,Big Sid.Since she got in to power all the stuff of which her Party complained has increased 5 to 10 fold.Like murders have gone up from 3 or 4 per day to 6 to 8 a day also there has been a re-surgence of kidnappings and she can find no better thing to do than to gallery her tail up and down Madison Ave. They've suddenly all forgotten Dr.Williams' great speech about there being no more Mother India or no more Mother Africa just Mother Trinidad.India Day and Bollywood my arse! Woman get yuh backside back to T&T and do what they voted you in to power for!
All you sycophant PNM - leave the woman alone she overwhelm a sick government. It is 3 months she is in office and the people in Trinidad & Tobago are well pleased.
Here is the signal that is sent: T&T For Sale SOLD!
All yuh see dat We PM, de head of our Trini Republic ent even get tuh meet Michelle, but she represented Trinidad and Tobago's culture in de parade and she ent care, dat made she very proud, ah proud fuh she too, leh she play she self oui!, allyuh know how trini doz gallery eh. Hey, somebody give she dis message fuh meh nah!
PLEASE, Please, Mrs Prime Minister of T&T please Declare August 24-31, 2012 Steel Pan Week to mark our 50th and Golden year of independence. Standing-up for our National Instrument!!!!!!!
Funny, I am 58 years old and I have never ever seen a Black Prime Minister of any Caribbean nation wave the flag of any African country. Are my eyes deceiving me? Please advise. Yvette
To.Yvette Johnson who said that she never saw a PM of a caribbean country wave an African Flag.yaadee, yaaydee daa etc.. I never heard a PM criticise someone for wearing a dashiki in a caribbean country, except for Patrick Manning. Comments like Ms johnson are related to the backlash of the May 24th elections in T&T.

Kamla Persad Bissessar represented us (T&T) very well and for only half a million dollars. a far cry from the 350 billion that the previous admin. cannot account for. Well, Yvette there is always a first time and I am glad it's Kamla.
God bless Mr. Ramdoo. I wil not dignify your "backlash" remarks. My intent was to verify that Prime Minister was waving a flag other than Trinidad and Tobago which I have never seen before. I made no remark to her appearance in terms of her dress nor hairstyle. Are you contesting the May 24th results?


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