The Show Must Go On! - Power of the Steelpan 2010 Montreal International Steelpan Festival in Full Review

Quebec, Canada - The words “the show must go on” have never rung with more truth and urgency than with this year's Montreal International Steelpan Festival. Faced with a series of challenges and a short runway that threatened to curtail this year's show, event organizer Salah Wilson pulled out all stops to ensure continuity and that there would be a quality production at this year's 10th edition.

....“What brings you to Canada today?” asked the customs officer at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport. When Steel Talks’ response was simply - “the steelpan music festival.” The officer nodded in acknowledgment and said smilingly “enjoy your stay.” And so began the When Steel Talks ‘festival log’ for the Montreal International Steelpan Festival 2010.
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  • Montreal International Steelpan Festival organizers and friends wish to express heartfelt thanks and appreciations to 'When Steel Talks' on another great coverage of our Annual Steelpan Festival. We do appreciate your kind sincerety. ...keep up the good work
  • Congratulations Salah.You're making it happen. Wish I was there in one of my favorite cities from since the mid 70s where I still have a number of friends. Wishing you all the best and continued success in your endeavors.

    Allan Oxley
    Kissimmee Fl.
    • Thanks Allan,
      I know that you are still doing the music ...It has been a long time ....since school days....hope we can hook up some time in the near are always welcome in Montreal
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