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The Sixth International Biennial Steelpan Conference

'The Fusion of Steelpan with Other Art Forms in the 21st Century'

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The Caribbean impact on British culture, through arts, music, dance, painting, sculpture, theatre, religion, and mythology, is profound as witnessed over the five decades of Notting Hill Carnival. Wherever carnival arts have taken root, advances take shape in the retreat of the ‘pan-yards’, ‘mas camps’ and ‘calypso tents’. The sheer intensity, dedication and creativity that radiates at these venues drives innovation. Until recently, little had been documented, methods remained unpublished and only at specific events do some of these new developments come to light. At previous conferences, from 2006 to 2014, the savoir-faire behind some of these innovations were presented in the context of their history and impact. Considerable success was reported, for example, in graded steelpan examinations, youth training projects, was design, new materials, acoustics, metallurgy and inventions that revolutionised both sound and transport methods for steelpan while the roots of calypso, dating back over century, were captured by speakers. The long silence of the mentoring of the Beatles from 1958 to early 1960s by the calypsonian Lord Woodbine was unveiled. Conversely, the deterioration of these arts in some cities such as Toronto, where the renowned Caribana is in decline, or the tumultuous struggle for survival by steel bands and calypsonians were vividly expressed by authoritative speakers as paradigms to grapple with.


This 6th  conference coincides with Notting Hill Carnival’s Golden Jubilee and aims to play a pivotal role in bridging its components and exploring its fusion into new British art forms. Progress is dependent on research, development

and cohesion and reaching the far corners of the community. This conference provides a platform to facilitate this and fosters creative interactive development as a foundation to futuristic direction.


Programme 8th October 2016

Session One: Calypso and Black Music

Chairs: Michael La Rose & Alexander D Great

9:45 -10.00: Introduction & Programme

                     Haroun Shah

10.00 -10.45: Pan and Calypso

                        Alexander D Great and Debra Romain


10.45-11.15: Sounds Like London; 100 Years of Black 

                       Music in the Capital

                       Lloyd Bradly


11.15 -11.45: Calypso and the Journalist; Who is the More

                        Effective Communicator

                        Stephen Spark


11.45 -12.00: Free Paper


12.00 - 13.00: Plenary Lecture 1

                         The Political Calypso; Its Impact in Arts

                         and Society

                         Professor Hollis Liverpool


13.00 -14.00: LUNCH


Session Two: Carnival Arts in the Golden Jubilee

Chairs: Ansel Wong and Christopher Innes


14.00 -14.30: Using the Elements of Notting Hill Carnival

                        to Develop a New Carnival for Yorkshire

                        Debora Alleyne-De Gazon


14.30- 15.00: Fusing Caribbean Folk Dance with Mas

                        Caroline Muraldo


15.00 -15.30: Incorporating New Technologies in the

                        Design of Large Scale Kinetic Structures

                        Michael ‘Speedy’ Ramdeen


15.30 -16.00: Carnival Arts into New Regions of the Globe

                        Ansel Wong


16.00 -16:30: Expressive Cultures of Carnival and

                        the African Diaspora

                        Christopher Innes


16:30-17:00: Workshop Presentations - Free Paper



Programme 9th October 2016

Session Three: Steelpan: UK Activities

Chair: Haroun Shah & Shareen Gray


10.00 -10.30: Archiving NHC and its Value to British Arts

                        Imani Douglas-Walker


10.30- 11.00: Inspiring the Youth in Steelpan Projects

                        Freddy Totesaut and Patrick McKay


11.00 -11.30: Taking Steelpan to Another Level Through

                         Projects Across the UK

                         Shareen Gray


11.30 -12.00: Hypothesis - The Colour of Pan

                        Lionel McCalman


12.00 -12.15: Free Papers


12.00 -13.15: Plenary Lecture 2

                       Steelpan in Gospel and Classics

                       Professor Dawn Batson


13.15 -14.15: LUNCH : Steelpan & Calypso


Session Four: Steelpan and the Wider World

Chair: Nestor Sullivan & Mark Loquan


14.15 -14.30: Asami Nagakiya; A Dedication from


                       Laila Shah


14.30 - 15.00: Pan-e-Pedia and the Memorisation of the

                         Repertoires of Steelbands

                         Aurelie Helmlinge


15.00- 15.30: Provision of a Medium to Assist Schools,

                        Pannists, Arrangers and others to Achieve.

                        Mark Loquan


15.30 -16.00: Steeldrum - Steelpan: A Vision of a 

                        European Pan Network

                        Paul Francis


16.00 -16.30: Making Beaters Out of Beats; Steelband and

                        Youth Empowerment in American Cities

                        Andrew R. Martin


16.30- 17.00: Legacy of the Musical Genius, Jit Samaroo

                        Nestor Sullivan


17.00 Summary and Closing Remarks: Haroun Shah


This conference is dedicated to the late Jit Samaroo and Asami Nagakiya for their immense contribution, inspiration, love and spirit for steelpan and helping to promote it globally.

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Even though I was carded to be on the programme, there was a strong possibility of not being able to attend, and such caveat was provided up front.  Apologies in advance for not being able to attend, as I really would have liked to be there. Wish Haroun and all the organisers/speakers/attendees all the best with the conference and keep up the good tireless work to spread knowledge and build the pan networks across the globe.

Dear Editor,

Please note that the notification of the 6th  International Biennial Steelpan Conference titled “The Fusion of Steelpan with other Arts Forms in the 21st Century” to be held at London’s Carnival Village (Tabernacle) 7 -9th October was not sent to you by one the Organisers and contains some incorrect information. I am a member of Funland Serenaders Steelband who is helping to organize this event and I have been asked to send you a revised announcement. 


The Notes are fine, it is the program  and the link that is incorrect and should be as follows: 


To Register for the conference  and get more information, the link is: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/steelpanconference.


Registration can also be by email – see Registration Form


The up-date program is attached 


Kind regards


Funland Serenaders Steelband


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