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THE SPIRIT OF JOY - Rubadiri Victor remembers Ken "Professor" Philmore

Imagine if he had the support. Imagine him as a arrow-head of a ambassadorial thrust for Kaiso-Jazz, Pan, and Brand T&T Music. Imagine us taking ourselves seriously. As serious as Tax…

Trinidad & Tobago - Gone too soon... That joyful, spritely whisp of energy- full of love and craft- now no more. The passing of Professor Ken Philmore is a tragedy in so many ways. Not just because any death by accident and of someone adjudged to be young feels like a breach- but because he was a Genius that never got his due. As arranger. As player… As pioneer. And although Trinidad’s real talent seems to be its genius in disrespecting Heroes- something about Philmore’s passing at this time in our history seems to loom larger as metaphor and indictment. In him I feel we see visible a Genius Soul who had a capacity to command the world- but was restrained and confined by our pettiness and capacity to sabotage our Gifted and our Gifts…

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So true, Rubradiri! Your words serve as an awakening to what we need to do/feel if we are a spiritual nation.

So very true. Ring the bell.


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