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Phase II won its first North Panorama title in 1977 playing "I Like To Beat Pan" before winning the National Panorama Competition in 1987 playing "Feeling Nice". They have also produced other legendary favorites like "I Music", "Musical Wine", "Fire Down Below", and "Birthday Party". They have come close to winning Panorama so many times that some players within the band comically suggest that they be given a plaque commemorating the most second place finishes in the history of Panorama.

This article covers BOOGSIE and PHASE II through 2005.

After seeing what little acclaim BOOGSIE SHARPE was given in a recent WST discussion on "ARRANGERS IMPACTING PANORAMA" I decided to bring "THE BOOGSIE SHARPE STORY" to the forum.

Boogsie Sharpe (and PHASE II) created history in 1987 by becoming the first un-sponsored band to win the national Panorama competition, as well as the first band to do so performing its own tune. This feat was repeated in 1988!!!  

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Len “Boogsie” Sharpe was born in St. James, directly alongside Woodbrook, in 1953. The yard of his house was used as a panyard by the steel band Crossfire, and by the age of five, his father began to enroll him in music festivals and contests where he would regularly take top prize.
Sharpe began his career with Starlift steelband where he worked as a co-arranger with Ray Holman. He is most strongly associated with the Phase II Pan Groove Steel Orchestra, a band he has taken to several finals of the Panorama steelband competition, as well as winning the first place in 1987,1988, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013 and 2014. Boogsie started to play steelpan at a young age when he was just four years old. He used to play with the Invaders, and then he went to Starlift, the steelband with which Ray Holman was taking the revolutionary step of composing music specifically for the instrument. Boogsie wanted to continue what Ray Holman had started by starting his own steelband in 1972.

7 Panorama wins with “Own Tunes”
1987 - “This Feelin’ Nice,” Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)
1988 - “Woman is Boss,” Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)
2005 - “Trini Gone Wild,” Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)
2006 - “This One’s For You Bradley, ”Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)
2008 - “Musical Vengeance,” Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)
2013 - “More Love,” Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)
2014 - “Jump High,” Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Phase II Pan Groove)

Phase ll - Clear De Way

ODW - the house that he grew up in is in Benary Street St. James just opposite Long Circular Road. The yard housed the Steel Band Symphonetts and not Crossfire.Crossfire was based in Neepaulets Street in St. James.

Thanks, I stand corrected.

Phase II Pan Groove - Red, White & Black

Phase II 2017 prelims...

Credit Wayne Cezair video post 1 month ago
This is a new corner for Boogsie, similar to the one he turned with Birthday Party. Not sure everyone will get it, but it is a well conceived deviation from the traditional Panorama fare. It's time Panorama got shaken up. Alas he might be treated like Narel was. Non-musical judges just will not understand.

Oh Boogsie...why yuh spoil de tune?...This was much better than the Finals...(In my opinion)...

Len Boogsie Sharpe is the most talked about Steelband arranger in the world, what does that tell you? even his music that did not do well in panorama is awesome, all two tunes.

Trump is the most talked about President too, what does that tell you? No consolation prize for Boogsie, he has to come again. Yeah music was good, so was Silver Stars.

If he keeps this up, he defiantly will be treated like Andy. This music is OLD, it may sound musical but it is defiantly not a direction for pan.

The last arranger who tried intricate musical arrangements was left out of panorama. I think the older Boogsie gets the slower his music becomes.

He needs to regain the fire he had in the 80’s or he would never win a panorama again.

Be forewarned and this is my prediction. I predicted All Stars win in 2017 from the prelims and I will make this a prediction.

He needs to change directions again and add fire to his tempo. 

Martin: Boogsie composed "SARAH" in the eighties!!!


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