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OK panorama day has come and there are a lot of bands worthy of the first prize but from what i have heard the only band i will not judge is the boston band because i have not heard them 9 cross fire to small to make any noise??? 8 Harmony only bradley can do a song like that and win it 7 pan tonic not enough power and music to make people remember those winning days 6 D"radoes never over came that bust
5 despers USA has to have a great performance to make those judges think there can not be any one better 4 pan sonata must have luck on their side 3 sesame flyers this could be their year ?????? 2 CASYM was one week enough to get them over the hump 1 ALID still very hungry??? but has to beat themself.... but i can be wrong

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Momo this will be a great panorama. Anyone can win if they put it all togather on stage. ADLIB is still favorite but don't underestimate Sonatas, CASYM or Pantonic when they get on stage.

bugs true but i give you my points. lets go back to my point .pantonic no bradley and to small
CASYM was one week enough??? up ontill monday ardin was in england and they had about 4 to 5 minutes of music was one week enough for them to get it together ???? Sonatas playing this early early they need a lot of luck only time wil tell
How do you explain "a lot of luck?" I can not seem to get my mind around what that could possibly mean. I discovered that there isn't much difference in terms of musical arrangements and sound between the top 3-4 bands. The deciding factor appears to come from clarity, command of the stage and crowd response (believe it or not).

When you pay careful attention to the execution of runs, and long passages, you would hear a difference in clarity from band to band. (Again, nearly every band especially in the top 4 has an arrangement worthy of the title). Clarity is disrupted by "skating" usually due to the tempo being too fast, players being too excited on stage or musical passages being too technically challenging for band members. The bands that keep "skating" to a minimum, will sound the clearest and have the better chance of securing the top spot -- without having to rely on "luck"

Stage Presence comes down to choreography, enthusiam and other little subtleties or shenanigans that may "wow," or interest the crowd and judges -- ESPECIALLY the crowds...maybe that is "luck"
let me explain what i mean bye luck sonatas is playing very early and it always take the sound man between 3 & 4 bands to get it right plus they are playing right after despers usa and to many fans despers has the beter arrange song i also think so. dont get me wrong sonatas is a very great band and popwell is a very good arranger but let"s face it the odd are against them this year but great band can do great things so i say again if despers usa play their song the way it should be played and sonatas dont!!!! GOOD LUCK?????

Dear Momo,
Thanks for the comments on what you have heard at the respective panyards. We will all know the outcome in less than 12 hours.

Ian Franklin
hi franklin are you in new york for the panorama the last time i say you after all these year was in florida for the carnival in 2004
Hello Momo,
I am at a lost to your name. Please advice my recollection. No! I am still a resident of Florida.
Well, I saw the Panorama on line and Casym did indeed have enough time to deliver. Overall, the results were fair. Despers USA is now the fourth band. I say in three more years the band would rise up to top three.


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