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The truth about the fundraiser for Peter aka Showtime\Bomber Johnson

It was said that Radoes was the ones that give the fundraiser thats a lie the people reponsible for the fundraiser was me  ike and kathleen after talking with showtime who i knew from back home in trinidad i felt that Radoes was not trying to do nothing for him he told me that angie was looking into doing something but the feed back was not good plus the date and place was not right so i call kathleen who i meet when we was all in them stars and we decide to ask ike who we knew .once he give his word to help would make the right connections . so kathleen said she will take care of the food ike said he will deal with the venue and the bar which he was able to get from the Honorable Dr.Kendall Stewart who told ike we could have what we need all we have to do was give $400.00 for the clean up and for the electric that is when we went back to radoes through angie with what we had for them to be a part of it but after speaking with showtime he told me to go a head with out them just include angie in it which i did , seing we had a place and food i said i will deal with the entertainment  i also ask Kenyba kathleen daughter who i knew from playing in dem stars, to help which she was able to get some of the artist she performed with, we still tryed to reach out to the radoes but peter told me to go ahead with our plan we had  because radoes was full of it so me ike and kathleen with the help of kenyba put the fund raise together i would to thank all the entertainers Jason'Peanut'Isaac Freddy Harris & his brother Recardo Jerome  Ricardo Greenaway Michael Gabriel  Patrick Davis  Tropical Pan Vibes   Caribean Connection Young Voice  Trinity Lava Rebel  Meshach  Kenyba  Dj Scampi  The Host Howard Hughes Trevor Wilkens Brearkfast shed Kim Gabriel and all those other people for their support


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I also want to give a special thanks to Hasra Ali   senator Adams and company and the Honorable Dr.Kendell Stewart all who was guests of IKE

O yeah i will also like to say thanks to tom
Almost forgot thanks to Whensteeltalks for being there


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