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The Two Radical Actions That Panmen and Panwomen Can Take In 2014 To RECLAIM EARNED RESPECT.

We have always been told that "respect is earned". No one doubts that the thousands of members of the steelbands have earned their respect, but like the "Pan Is Beautiful" prize moneys, the requests for financial audits, and the allowing of spoil brats to fete on top of your biggest event, these steelband members await compensation for respect earned. 

After almost all measures have been attempted, it becomes more convincing that the only way for panmen and panwomen to get their earned respect in Trinidad and Tobago, is to play them by their own game. What does that mean? Well, if they exclude you from the profits, exclude them from your profits. If they exclude you from playing in their fetes, then, exclude yourself from their fetes. It really comes down to two actions the steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago should take, in getting (back) their earned respect. They are:

  1. Boycott Panorama and all Pan Trinbago events. (That's been said before; I know.)
  2. Boycott ALL Carnival activities, and hold your own fetes, limes, whatever...Stop supporting those who do not support you, Mr. Panman and Ms. Panwoman. Shot down their entire Carnival, and show them that besides being "panmen" and "panwomen", you are consumers with BUYING POWER. (How many of you spend your money with these people who do not support you?)

Before some of you go off on me; I understand that such a "radical" move will not happen. I already know that.to many steelband members, that is a sacrifice they are not willing to make, for whatever reasons. Finally, I admit that I have no idea of the outcome, but I do know that in leveraging our "buying power", those who continue to exploit the steelbands will not be making the millions of dollars of which they have grown accustomed, and those who shun us, will also be shunned by us. Reclaim your earned respect.

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.

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People whose motive for playing pan is enjoyment will not be interested in a boycott because they are not about the money.

Cecil: I am SUPPORTING the GHOST on this one!!!

It is not a matter who yuh supporting, people who are playing pan for enjoyment is not going to boycott. 

Cecil, unfortunately, I think you are correct. What we does say, "we like it so"? I totally understand the complexities of the situation. Ghost.

Ghost, “we like it so” mentality is why we can’t go beyond seeing the tip of our nose.

Look at the history of some our great calypsonians like Spoiler, Bryner, Mighty Popo, Sniper and others, because of their love for the calypso art and "enjoying" what they do, took pittance or free drinks to showcase their talents. Most of them died poor, thanks to Sparrow “calypso trade unionist” that kind of mentality changed.

Your blueprint comes to mind, if you don’t see yourself as a musician then this is understandable. Don’t blame the powers that be for using this weakness to their advantage.

Who owns the distribution rights for the panorama broadcast, what are the fees paid by the foreign media to carry the live feeds?

Oh! I forgot we don’t need representation to stop this type of exploitation “we like it so.”

Cecil the old saying is that sometimes ,,,we ga fuh cut we  nose  fuh spoil  we face,,nothing is impossible..respect

Ghost, I am with you on this, but besides the steelbands doing their own thing, which I already support, how about we start a listing of fetes/limes in support of them. That way, we'll find it more easily. What say you?

Well All Stars Soca by the River is one I always attend, are there others???


Because Panomara & PanTrinbago is a monopoly, they can get away with what they do.

If there was a rival organisation to offer some competition they would have to

'up their game'. 

Right, because that worked so well in New York...

They tried that in T&T also (was is trinbagopan or someting like dat)...  What is needed is a reform of PT and the NV are trying a ting too...


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