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The upcoming Arrangers for the future are Duvone Stewart and Amrit Samaroo

Watch Duvone Stewart and Emrit samaroo, these 2 fellas are the Arrangers of the future, they are getting closer and closer to the inside of the Box.

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Bede, there are so many more you can add to this group. I think we can say we are on the brink of a changing of the guard.

Señor Lopez:
I can't wait to witness and experience "Rit's" contribbution in 2016 (in the Big Band category). I think he's Dy-No-Mite!
About "a changing of the guard"? –––– I don't quite see it that way.
As you probably heard before, Bede: "New brooms sweep clean. But old brooms know the corners." :-)

Peter, ah think them 2 fellas know that, that's why they been taking their time (especially Duvone)  sweeping with  their new broom, it will get old pretty soon then Bam, Smooth and Boogsie went through the same thing.

Pay attention to the Brooklyn Panorama this coming Saturday.  Amrit with Adlib and Duvone with Casym.  But last year, when they tied for second, Terrance "BJ" Marcelle beat both of them.  Don't disregard Kendall Williams, Odie Franklin, Leon "Foster" Thomas, or Andre White, all of whom have a track record.  And Freddie Harris III is up-and-coming also.

Should be an interesting competition, the new generation has arrived in Brooklyn.

Another thing that can help these Arrangers is the Band Management, a band that have a great organization, a good place to practice, the pans out, management get the Tuner to fix them, transportation for players after practice, Discipline, players on time, the Arranger or the Drill master say "Stop Coasting" everybody stop coasting, you all might not believe but these little things help a lot, it prevent the Arranger from getting frustrated. The Arranger also need about 5 good men (section leaders) to be able to help him with the tune, yes, the arranger does need help too, without this help he in trouble.

Bingo Bede! that right there is the recipe for a successful band.

Why are you referring to Duvonne and Amrit as 'upcoming' arrangers?...

MTTTB, These 2 Arrangers maybe the ones to get inside of the Box of Boogsie/Smooth,

Bede, neither Duvonne or Amrit can be considered "upcoming arrangers of the future" just because they haven't won the large category of panorama…especially Duvonne who has won every other category in the past…even beating both Smooth and Boogise in the lesser categories...

merrytones, it's sad that we mostly talk about the arrangers of large bands, this distinguish group is growing rapidly, it is the most competitive area of the steelband. It will be nice if we knew the names of them all.

On the contrary Cecil the large category has remained under 20 for the last five or more years. There have been no recent additions to the arrangers either since Amrit has arranged for Renegades in the past. The names of all arrangers are published annually here on WST. 

MTTTB, I guess when I think bout arrangers I think bout the Large band, that might be my selfish thinking, lol


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