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Sign him up for the WORLD TOUR!!!

Claude, please where is the youth based???  Thanks...

My sentiments exactly.

What's his age?

Take him to America's/Britain got talent

So sweet! A legend! Age please. Congrats to him and the adults involved.

this is Isaac Ferrette the grand son of Cyril Diaz and the son of Paul and Mona Lisa Ferrette from Buffalo NY.The band is Caribbean Extravaganza led by Paul Ferrette.He is three yrs in this vid that was taken two yrs ago. He is currently a featured pannist in the band and a big draw. Sunshine Diaz his uncle is the bass player for many calypsonians in NYC The band also produced Shemika Charles the Queen of the limbo with three Guinness world records. She just appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and is currently taping for the America's got talent which will air sometime in June. Yes we are alive and well in Buffalo representing T&T to the fullest, the most talented country in the world and we intend to prove it.. Maybe our young pannist will finally make the world recognize pan as the phenomenon it deserves to be.


Thanks for the background notes, Bob! Hope your last sentence becomes reality and I am still around to see the show!!!

Well done, Isaac.
Brenda H.

Well done, our music is alive


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