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Did you know that T&T was the first country in the western hemisphere to win gold in javelin at the olympics .................. Excellent

Did you know that The Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago(TDC) had a T&T  village at the Olympics promoting T&T ................... very good

Did you know that Mungal patassar & friends and orange Sky(a local rock group) were used in the village to showcase T&T culture ................... good

Did you know that no pan was used in the village despite pan being the best promoter of this country and the only thing we invented that has been accepted internationally ................POOR.

somebody please tell me I'm wrong

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Keith, they forgot the pan. The rest of the world will soon remind them of the Pan,  maybe even teach them a ting or two.

Keith, note the number of views and comments. Then read my posts for a better understanding, as to why there was no pan. Do you think it has ANYTHING to do with "race and class"? Has society's views of the "panman"really changed, or are the attitudes the same as during the "colonial days"? Maybe, it's time for young, poor Black/African Trinbago men and women, to put down the pan sticks, and pick up a electric guitar or sitar instead.

Ghost - Who Knows Why No Pan Was In The Village. Because Panmen And Panwomen Are Powerless And Seen As Worthless!!!

Agreed, Ghost ... as I just wrote, the govt. seems intent on "de-emphasising" pan and Afro contributionsto T&T.  It's quite apparent in every sphere of public life.



Peter, why is it not as "apparent" to so many on this WST forum? Trust me, I already know, that everyone will, at least come to realize, that I am not the enemy, and ALL my predictions will come to pass. I also know, that the only way to change these attitudes, is by way of revolution (change), and that many of the ideas presented in the "Blueprint", will have to be implemented (even if I'm not given credit for coming up with some of them), in order for the steelband industry and her workers, to move forward. How does the "old" saying go: "Who laughs last..."? I like "old" things; they are also the MOST valuable things on earth. (From precious stones, to art, to philosophy and religion, and books.) 

BTW - Was it you that I saw heading backstage at the Jamaican 50th Anniversary celebration at the park in Miramar last Sunday evening? Person looked like you. Hotep.


Mr. Byer:

Certainly the omission of pan was a glarinmg embarassment, probably intentional, as the current government seems to be embarked on mission to de-emphasise pan in favour of tassa/Mungal, etc., and we are all happy for the gold (and the bronze too).  But is it not a measure of low self esteem that the govt. should award a national holiday for such a comparative mediocrity?  Suppose T&T had won 12 medals.  Would they have shut down the country until 2013?  Imagine, the gold medal winner was held up in Piarco for hours, before a 9-hour  trip back to Toco.  All for political opportunism.


Peter, what makes certain people see certain things, and others do not? How do we bring the "blind" into the "fold"? lol

Ghost - Who Talks. Like A Prophet.

Mr Gray , in the majority of my comments on WST i was beating around hte bush, but!!  should one look at the situation from the inception of the SOE,,when a senior government official was asked ,,,,why was it that certain parts was never being searched for drugs and weapons,,his answer was that in due course/or this would be done in the near future,, indiectly giving them time to remove the  what is ????now let us read through the lines,t i say it again there is no Steelband Steelpan program  that, s given the full opportunity to be aired on a TV station on any week day  in T&T for the period of minimum1 hour,,,others well/practically speaking Indian Programs for at least 2 hours long to date has that access,, what,s the message being sent out,,,i say it again ,i am no racist ,but in Christ Jesus name it,s totally unjust,let us read through the lines,,now i do challenge anyone to correct me if i,m wrong, let CNT produce a program in which they were involved  in the promotion of the Steelpan  performances  on a weekly basis for a period of  the last 6 months.,my apology would be immediately given,,,if ever there is anyone that can prove me wrong,,the Truth shall and will set us all free, it,s sickening,,,,,coniving,,,,,respect for all. 

I think that accompanied with Tourism and Development the Steelpans /Steelband were to be presented,, what i,m then seeing is that this ting  began from the top,,??who vex vex.recpsect.

Another missed opportunity for promoting T&T's Pan.

Terry, no miss there. If you look at the government document on their website, which I posted a few days ago, you will see that they know EXACTLY what their intended "target" is. And it not pan, steelbands, nor the latter's (mainly) Afro-Trinbagonian lumpen proletarian membership. The attitude, historically, comes from both recent administrations (PNM, and the PP), and I have sufficiently informed this WST forum, as to the (true) political and social attitudes, that exist to this day. So no "miss" there brother. BULLSEYE!!!


It was the first in 60 years.

And... no matter how steelband members and/or panmen and panwomen, put Trinidad & Tobago on the map, they do not ever get any such "just rewards". No pan at the Olympics, but there was a rock group and Indo-Trinidadians "representing". Let's face it: steelbands and those in the pan "industry" (whatever that is), are still the social and political outcasts of Trinidad & Tobago. They will remain oppressed, poor, and powerless, until they collectively create and implement their own pedagogy toward liberation. In the meantime, they are among the taxpayers that will be paying for this government decision. ABSOLUTELY no dissin' Keshorn! I am as proud as any patriotic "Trini", but I think we should reward more than just sports and beauty pageants, both of which "winners" receive huge endorsements within their industries, and, in my opinion, the government should not have called a public holiday, with less than 24 hours notice, and could have honored this national hero, without disrupting business, and placing a huge bill on taxpayers. But, then again, this is Trinidad & Tobago under the PP administration. I find this to be another of their irresponsible acts, and couldn't have happened at a worse time, when mountains are washing away people and homes. Just totally irresponsible.


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