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These are the two GREATEST PIECES OF PAN MUSIC I ever heard!!!

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Yesterday Zhivago went down in the invaders Jouvert. We even did Ghostriders too LOL 

In the SIXTIES I was a RABID Silver Stars fan!!! That is the ONLY STEELBAND that ever reached me. Even today when I am driving down the road and I play some SILVER STARS -- specifically DR. ZHIVAGO -- tears does come to my eyes. I don't even know why!!!

But PENNY LANE by STARLIFT is the best ever recorded piece of PAN MUSIC in the history of the instrument.

When the NEW EXECUTIVE takes over PAN TRINBAGO they should send STARLIFT back to the studio to re-record this song with MODERN PANS and NEW RECORDING TECHNOLOGY.

That is why we need to vote the RIGHT PEOPLE IN. Young people with access to recording studios and social media with music literacy and musical arranging and composition skills. We just cannot afford to let the OLD HORSES into the 2018 PAN TRINBAGO starting gates.

Marcus Ash: When are you going to get a GOOD ARRANGER for SILVER STARS. Liam Teague left the CALYPSO WORLD a long time ago. And PANORAMA is about PLAYING A CALYPSO in CALYPSO.

As meh pardner Mercer Ramdoo implied: We don't want no OREO PANORAMA ARRANGEMENT. And since DUVONE win with one ah dem this year, I could only imagine how much WHITE CREAM is going to be in the middle of that BLACK CALYPSO COOKIE for PANORAMA 2019.

As TRUMP would say, (simplistically): VERY BAD!!!

There is no one that record pan music like Andy Narell. Silver Stars distinct second pan strum gave them a unique sound.

Can't let you get away with that , Cecil after I was just gave Basement Recordings a Big Up ! 

There are many really good  recordings of pan music out there , and they aren't hard to find.

Mr. Simeon "Sanch" Sandiford did an outstanding job recording pan and panorama music under different labels in the eighties and nineties , even high quality digital cassette tapes.

As a matter of fact , he deserves much credit for his catalog of panorama music from the eighties and nineties .

Because of his work , high quality recordings of some of the best panorama pieces by our greatest arrangers from the last century are available to us.

He deserves our recognition.

And thanks !

Yes, Glenroy!!!

BOOPS did a lifetime of work producing HIGH QUALITY PAN RECORDINGS!!!

He deserves a LOT OF RECOGNITION!!!

I hope someday Sanch releases everything that is recorded... I was present for several recordings that never saw the light of day... I'm sure there are very legit reasons for holding back, but still. The quality of his work is outstanding.

From Boops, check out his links...



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 dont ever forget the late great  neville aleong

 the best recordings  of pan ever

Andy Narell - Forward Home

Composer: Andre Tanker

Arranger: Andy Narell & Raf Robertson


My favorite playlist from Basement Recordings, chilling on a Saturday afternoon. Big Screen with surround sound audio...

I love your choice but there are some very good pieces out there for the purists. I beg to disagree with your comment on Liam Teague, he is an accomplished musician who has taken our national instrument to another level abroad. His arrangement of panorama music lends balance to the sameness that we've been hearing for years. There is a place for all arrangers in Panorama. It is sad that we had to degenerate to the 'oreo level' leave that for the gutter and politics, both of which are the same today.



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