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They PUT Chalkdust in Last; and they PUT Duvone in First; and Keith Diaz (The Last BadJohn Leader in Steelband) is stepping down. Those are my three TAKEAWAYS from the 2018 Carnival!!!

The winds of cultural change are blowing across T&T like a Category 5 Hurricane ... in this wonderland of Calypso, in this wonderland of Steelband -- where I was born, God Bless Our Nation.

(I used to lime with Baker in Washington D.C. -- and he gave me permission to use the lyrics.)

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Mystic Prowler - Below The Surface ( Kaiso )

Remember when Merchant sang 'Pan in danger" well everybody was worried about the steelpan movement !

I think it's time for someone to sing a song called "Kaiso In Pain" for example just look at the situation with Revue and the level of performances at Skinner park calypso fiesta. 

HELP !!!

Anthony: Yuh is ah big musician you could write the song and put some nice cross-over strains behind it. I will help you POLISH the LRYICS and develop the story line from verse to verse. But you need a good point of view. And yuh know "PAN IN DANGER" was a FAULTY PREMISE (Fake news before its time) ... so let your imagination FLY FREE!

Sweden done start already/setting up Pan Factory/To manufacture/We own culture ....

I've never been a writer I try to stay in my lane but it's food for thought, i'll check meh pardner he does a little writing.


Good!!! me and yuh pardner could write the lyrics and you could do the music. But the POINT OF VIEW is the KILLER.

Yuh see how CHALKDUST (a great calypso writer like Chalkdust) got completely lost in his song this year because he got lost in the POINT OF VIEW and ended up trying to come from too many angles. Of course, I have an excuse for him if what he said in the song was true that Rowley called him and asked him to eulogize MAX in song. That could create writer's block when you composing ON DEMAND.

Ah doh know what the judges was considering but it is interesting that they PUT HIM LAST!!!

You know 'Chalkie' was the king of disguise and double meaning when coming to kaiso but when you start getting too subjective and start single out people by name like some other kaisonians in particular (The Bird and The Cactus) then you stop being creative.

Kaiso getting horn kaiso getting horn weevil in de corn Kaiso getting horn 

Chalkdust - Kaiso Getting Horn


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