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It is kind of strange to see such a YOUNG PERSON dominating the CALYPSO STAGE; and the diction and clarity of voice is really refreshing. Most times I listen to a calypso I get distracted by the poor vocal skills of the singer. That was true for me as a child growing up in Trinidad listening to calypso and got even worse when I lived outside.

I must have listened to this song about 5 times before I even realized that there was daunting music supporting him and I should be paying attention to that too. Looking at the video and seeing the ease with which he delivers the lyrics putting his whole body into the song with conformity and supreme rendition. I have to wonder if I have ever seen better.

In the middle of all this I have to try to follow the story line and decipher the message.

I guess that is what you call a GREAT CALYPSO. If this young man could put some focus and effort into developing his vocal skills -- he could be WORLD CLASS. I don't know how well he plays the guitar, but I hear traces of AMERICAN FOLK in what he is doing ... there might be NO LIMITS to the GLOBAL POTENTIAL of this PROPHET with the right management team supporting him.

Am I the only one who caught HERON FRANCIS FEVER?

It eh have no CALYPSO FORUM no where in this WORLD where man could seriously discuss CALYPSO?

What a BUMMER!!!

Yeah, you gotta listen more than twice.  "Payin' ppl for advisory," but he own is free. Serious 

lyrics for the nation. A winner all de time.

Many have come and gone on to different avenues because the ceiling was too low and they kept knocking their heads !!!

This is a song for THE WHOLE WORLD.

Change that makes a positive difference

for the majority of people, is what is needed.

Hope TnT recognizes the potential.


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