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Newsday March 4th, 2019

Duvone Stewart on historic triple Panorama title:

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2019 Champion Renegades arranger Duvone Stewart brings his “bride” on stage as the band performs Farmer Nappy’s Hookin Meh on its way to its 11th Panorama title on Saturday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB

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“I am humbly respecting every accolade that comes my way but I don’t take it full heartedly (sic) for me, I take it for pan. Because I represent a fraternity that needs a voice. And if Duvone Stewart is the voice to send music out to the world globally through the national instrument of TT yes I will be the individual to fly that flag and make sure that the instrument is flying nice.”

Well, anybody who is PREACHING about sending PAN MUSIC out to the world GLOBALLY through the NATIONAL INSTRUMENTAL of TT is talking my language.

So for the 1000th time on THIS FORUM I will ask: WHERE IS THE MUSIC?

Very much appreciated Duvone.

Like you, your efforts to "send music out to the world globally" is in keeping with our band's motto. You will successfully soar.

Hello Claude. I think we all hear your cry for the recorded pan music. Robbie has a few albums. Lots of pan soloist has music available, the latest might be Dennis Smith’s album “Bread and Butter” The thing is after a lot of sacrifice to make an album it’s either Pirated or not selling and the few sales you get doesn’t reward the effort one makes. The best way to go with the music is to do concerts. If you have recorded music then you sell it out at these shows. In this century you have to include vocal music in tandem with the pan to maximize your sales. 


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