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This WOMAN PRESIDENT THING eh working out too good at all -- she turn in to the TONTON MACOUTE and have BIG MEN in the EXECUTIVE on LOCK DOWN!!!

If allyuh insist on putting a woman as PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO -- at least qualify the WOMAN first nah.

Make sure that she could hold a PRESS CONFERENCE and eloquently express the POSITION of the MOVEMENT while defending its decisions with conviction.

Make sure that she has some GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS of the PAN MOVEMENT and is willing to put out some effort to provide linkage.

Make sure that she is REIGNING in the BEST INTEREST OF THE PAN PLAYERS and not using the ORGANIZATION as a stepping stone to NATIONAL POLITICS.

Make sure that if she promised transparency (above all) she should deliver on that promise.

Make sure that she has the social and diplomatic skills to MINGLE in PORT-OF-SPAIN and win friends and influence people.

And make sure that she is equal to men like KERON VALENTINE and LAWFORD DUPRES and ROBERT AMAR!!!

To be honest, I think that this PAN MISSION is much too important to STAGNATE the MOVEMENT for another 30 months with THIS WOMAN at the HELM!!!

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New wines in old wineskins, with high hopes of excellent fermentation constrained by financial circumstances to costly to comment, to its social media publics, especially, 6 months now and running....I hope a PRO is appointed or elected soon, as I do not run the claims department at Pan Trinbago 


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