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THREE YANKEE/EXPATS ARRANGERS making SKIFFLE front page news down IN THE MECCA -- what a story!!! Historical placing for Skiffle with HELLO

NEWSDAY January 25th, 2018

High fives, fist bumps, congratulatory handshakes and hugs were the order of the day as the San Fernandians saw this as a sign, this may be the year a south band brings home the elusive National Panorama title....


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Just imagine 3 South bands jump outta de box. For the first time in decades. Is this the climb before the fall?

Are Southerners being set up? Take a look!

Small Bands:- Golden Hands 2nd Place

Medium Bands:- Pan Elders 1st place

Large Bands:- Skiffle 2nd Place 

I'm watching with cockey eye! Lol   

If South sweep #1 in all 3 categories, nah ain't going to happen. but good try. lol

Cecil: Ah hope SKIFFLE could handle all this LOCAL MEDIA and SOCIAL MEDIA attention and not start feeling the PRESSURE. I can't wait to see them EXPAND on the arrangements with the drumming section on Sunday!!!

Boogsie RULES, the real drumming from the soul of calypso (Folklore Riddim) Hello!

odw: It's useful to note that SKIFFLE learned that song in ONE WEEK!!! So the PANORAMA PREPARATION TIMEFRAMES have been DRAMATICALLY COLLAPSED!!!

Claude! Leave Meh Alone...when last you hear pan arrangement make somebody SCREAM?

that will be wishful thinking

 pan elders may go all the way

Cavaliers won in 1965 and 1967. And Hatters won in 1975. The article is in error. There have been three South championships. 

bugs: Yuh ever see the GEICO COMMERCIAL? Everybody knows that!!! LOL!!!

If politics don't play, Skiffle could win it. Enjoyed their offering for 2018. Bk3 put down a serious arrangement.


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