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Pan enthusiast and marketing specialist Dennis Ramdeen said: “Pan on the Avenue on Carnival Monday night was painful for me. Steel orchestras spend so much time on eight minutes of music that they can't learn another song? “One or two bands have to break out of the pack and take another road. The current road is a dead end, and I fear we are coming close to the end. 


“Pan needs some innovation and oxygen and no one else but pan people will figure this out. Pan needs new arrangements—and I’m not talking about the music.” Asked for his thoughts on the impact pan had on the Carnival celebrations, Ramdeen responded: “The steelband’s impact on Carnival 2014 has been consistent with its downward trajectory of the past several years. 


“Pan therefore needs a new vision. Pan needs a big idea, like when Peter Ueberroth made the 1984 Olympics the TV games, raising close to a billion US dollars from broadcast rights. Previous to 1984, others focused on stadium seats to be the main supply of revenue. “Ueberroth changed the product distribution from the stadium seat to the living room couch. We are still relying on selling physical seats in one place.

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In South the DJs ruled by sheer force of sound. They should have been made to follow the steelbands.


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