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Kudos and a very special thank you are being extended by the members of the " Slate" referred to as the New Visionaries to those band delegates who decided to take up the mantle and speak out on behalf of Fair Treatment which must be given to all delegates of member bands, and by extension the entire pan fraternity at meetings.
In the recently held meeting by Pan Trinbago at the CWU Hall on Henry Street, Port of Spain on the evening of Wednesday October 7th 2015, some band delegates stood up, steadfast and resolute to boldly voice their opinions, which resulted in two critical events occurring.
In the first event, some band delegates stated clearly that they were no longer willing to have the executive keep spending the funds of the organization on legal matters versus the New Visionaries. They felt that the funds [lawyers’ costs – which would be a hefty bill] could be put to better use in assisting bands in the fraternity. This appeared to garner wide support from all present.
In the second event, the rescinding of the “persona non grata” motion and the full reinstatement of the Directors of the New Visionaries was brought to the floor. This was done in the form of a motion to the membership present and the result is as follows: For – 36: Against – 4: Abstain– 4
Once again our heartfelt and heartiest thanks to all of you.

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Diaz is a Politician. He has Studied the Pan People in Trinbago and for Years have Exploited Them. He is going to use All Means Necessary to remain President. The New Visionaries  is in for a Fight of Enormous Proportion. I Wish that they Would Win this Election and Get Rid of Diaz and His Cronies. They Need Better Representatives from the Top Steelbands. They Got to Fight Fire with Gas. It Worked for Keith Diaz when He Left Starlift and Became the PRO of Despers. This Man Knows Politics. Imagine a Former Captain/ Manager of Starlift from the West becoming the PRO OF Laventille Desperadoes. It worked for Him. Think about that!

Valentine Young!!! As Gerard Clarke likes to say: MOVE TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS!!!! You have a clear picture of the election battle. When you get some time you should come on and write us a little essay on your FIVE WEEKS in Trinidad. I am sure you have some interesting insights to share.

But nobody could DISPLACE DIAZ -- especially a woman from Tobago. Wrong candidate!!!

Is only OLE TALK on this forum for the next 12 days!!! And lament after that!!!

WOW...no wonder the state of Pan in Trinidad in such a sad state of going no where. You have a problem with women leading in 2015? 

The political dynamics in pan have changed and as such one has to put the Organization before self. Just saying that I will do what is necessary to ensure that Keith Diaz never returns as president of pan. I am prepared to remove my self from the process to ensure that there is no splitting of Pan. I LOVE Pan too much and I know the potential of Industry, therefore I will sacrifice self in order to get rid of the ugliness that now confronts us as leadership and management. I am success, my band is success and this time I want success in pan. Lets Do This Too.  Pan Before Self.
Pan Before Self Pan Before Self

Pan before self, however if you Ms. Moore has what it takes to lead; lead you must. I have long talked about a woman leading Pan Trinbago. Unfortunately I do not reside in T&T, or I would have seeking that position:). I say let common sense prevail and put the best person on the job to move on behalf of all Pan People. That remark about not a woman, speaks to the ignorance that still prevails some in the Pan Movement. 

Already battle tested...bring it ON.



Mr Gonzales this WOMAN from TOBAGO is not hungry for power. I am already Powerful. I Know that you do not Know me and I can only assume that you are afraid for me because I am WOMAN and Tobagonian. I am calling on you with all your knowledge and strategies to help to remove Diaz if you really want pan to move forward. Lets Do This TOO.    

Yea Claude

Team Ramsey has spoken.  You better tell Diaz to go buy another bikini for he-self. He will spending a lot of time in that Pool. And tell Team Diaz there are a lot more women in pan than men.

By the way Claude I hear Team Diaz sent some members of Pan Trinbago to New York for the panorama trying to show they have a world presence. Dem boys in NY get lick for so. They didn't even get pictures this year. The word is that if you didn't get a selfie you got nothing to show for all the work you did. I'm not saying this is Diaz fault, but I'm not saying it is not. World Governing Body of Pan stood by and watch NY band get licks. Big bad Diaz have nothing to say. I hear UK pan people get licks too. And the abuse in Canada so bad we won't talk about it. You sure Team Diaz ready for global Pan problems  Bamboozling Trinidad with the $Green$ is one thing, saying you are a world leader is another thing.


Aye Bugs, it look like people realize Diaz could only gallery with tax payers money, like how he used millions to stage the ICP with no intention of making back what he put out, he essentially just gave away tax payers money, what type of organization do that? and no one knows what's done with the Greens money.

Cecil please tell Claude to tell Diaz to make sure he pay the international bands immediately in full. The Americans don't play dat.  The won't wait a year for their money like Trinidad bands. I don't want to see our boy Claude on international TV news. You know Diaz have a get-away van with a seat for one.


I could only think of one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies (THE HARDER THEY COME) this morning: "Lord, look what trouble me gorn and get mehself in!!!"

Tout le monde attacking me this morning: Beverly, Bugs, Cecil et al.

I have been one of the most vocal and persistent critics of KEITH DIAZ on this forum for years. And on the other hand I have been most complimentary to his POLITICAL SKILLS even comparing him to Obama with an implied ALL POLITICS and ZERO POLICY.. If some people get the gist of my writing style they will see that I often get into Diaz's mind and channel his thinking in a bit of a bravado or satirical way.

So, understanding Diaz as well as I think I do, if I were running his campaign I would go from PANYARD to PANYARD and say: "We cyar let no woman come from Tobago and take control ah we PAN." That would be my campaign strategy. Just like they used the CALCUTTA SHIP in Tobago to win the election.

As an EXPAT, I respect my limited view of the reality on the GROUND. Reasoning comes from absorbing facts and if you are not ON THE GROUND absorbing then you can only GUESS. I did observe that DIAZ has been extremely quiet of late and I am surprised that he is actually allowing the election to take place. I know that Diaz stole a whole lot of money and if he gets kicked out of office he might even go the prison if the NV have enough bad mind. He must know that too.

Having said all that and looking through my distorted EXPAT LENS, I still believe that DIAZ has the ROOTS and the POLITICAL SKILLS to win this election. On the other hand, the NEW VISIONARIES seem extremely confident. And everybody is all over this forum jumping up in a Jour Overt band celebrating the victory long before sun set on October 25th.

My view of PAN TRINBAGO is that the organization needs younger and more tech savvy leaders along with executives from the business community. I don't see this old recycled crew bringing any change or progress to the organization outside of the campaign rhetoric.

These WST discussions should be taking place on a PAN TRINBAGO WEBSIITE and from that platform so much can be accomplished. Especially with the music. But whoever wins, I don't think they can bring PAN TRINBAGO into this century.

And, YES BEVERLY, my read on you is that you have TOO MUCH POLITICAL AMBITION.


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