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"Tips..Tricks..Theory Book" by Eric McAllister (MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE) -- WST MEMBER RELEASES MUSIC (PAN) BOOK ...



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... well I thought that MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE was MY FRIEND and I WOULDA GET AH FREE COPY. But I had to go and BUY AH COPY just like EVERYBODY ELSE. Ah tell yuh with all this COVID like GIMME GIMME DEAD!!!

Congrats Mr. Mac.

Keep up the good work. 


Keep up the GOOD work. Made my purchase today.


Thanks much Claude, Aquil and ODW for your kind words and support…Tips, Tricks and Theory began as a proposed online teaching programme. Most Pan people who know me would also know my verdict on Panorama and though my interest has severely waned in that regard I still feel that I can contribute something tangible to the artform.


I am a graphic artist by profession, so marrying my experience as a panist with my creative side, I thought “Why not?”. I consider myself a full-time music student. Over my many years of mostly informal study I have had the good furtune to interact with Alma Pierre (dec), Merle Albino De Couteau, Clive Bradley (dec), American Jazz icon: Barry Harris, Trinidadian Jazz luminary and author: Stanley Ruiz, Sean Thomas: graduate of the Thelonious Monk Academy and The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Clinic, to name a few.


In December 2012, I completed and subsequently received in February 2013 a Specialist in Music Theory Certificate from the Berklee School of Music Online Programme. This piece of paper on my wall and fifty years in the woodshed of Pan has given me the confidence to convert a few random illustrations into this recently released e-book.


Before I forget, I must say thank you also to Amrit Samaroo (son of Jit) for his kind counsel in the forging of the idea and Kendal Lewis, my mentor at Merry Tones over many many years.

If all goes well, Tips Trick and Theory will be the first in a series promoting our beloved instrument.


Thanks again…

Mr. Merrytonestothebone: It is VERY TYPICAL on AMERICAN TELEVISION to see PRODUCERS OF PRODUCTS offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if the product fails to live up to the ADVERTISED BENEFITS. In that context, I will be studying YOUR BOOK and practicing your LESSONS ON MY PAN. Once I feel good enough about my PAN PROGRESS, I will be entering THE 2021 INTERNATIONAL PAN RAMAJAY COMPETITION.

By coincidence, MY FAMILY started EXODUS (THE BAND HOSTING THIS COMPETITION) so I will be calling in my markers with AINSWORTH MOHAMMED to BOBOL ME into the FINAL TOP 10 SOLOISTS. If I fail to make THE CUT -- given the excellence of  your TIPS, TRICKS and THEORY on the ART OF PLAYING THE PAN -- I will be forced to GO YANKEE ON YOU and DEMAND MY MONEY BACK.


Well...I can't guarantee that studying Tips, Tricks and Theory will help you to excel at Pan Ramajay. So before you sue me for money that I can't pay I invite you (and anyone who has access to a tenor pan...and time...) to consider taking a few online classes with me...Which was the catalyst for the e-book in the first place...An introductory improv course for the Steelpan is a project I have in mind for "down de road"....But "We go see how dat goes"...

"Before I forget, I must say thank you also to Amrit Samaroo (son of Jit) for his kind counsel in the forging of the idea and Kendal Lewis, my mentor at Merry Tones over many many years."

Glad to see the acknowledgements, how is the grandson doing? Hope you spending quality time with him. Don't want him growing up having Daddy issues.

The grandson is quite good...He is with his papa every day...I do home-schooling with him....Class just finish for the day...Papa and granny are doing their best to avert any Daddy issues...

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