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To Claude Gonzales (de calypso lover), is 2018 Chutney upstaging Calypso?

Sorry, I Cannot Count.

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Russell: I LOVE CHUTNEY SOCA!!! I think the music has tremendous GLOBAL POTENTIAL. If they modernize the story lines from VILLAGE LIFE to CITY LIVING (especially LOVE or DANCE SONGS) and they hook up with some GLOBAL MUSIC PRODUCERS they could BLOW UP BIG in certain parts of the world.

But to answer your question directly: The Afro-Trini community is thrilled to death with the music this year. So I cannot say that CHUTNEY is upstaging CALYPSO in 2018. From my perspective, I am yet to hear ONE CALYPSO/SOCA SONG that I like this year. So if you find any, bring it and post it and TEST ME.

Have you seen GREGORY LINDSAY lately? Keith Diaz bury dem CIP FELLAHS so deep down ah think they melt in the magma.

Is this the end of "De Raj Story" ?

...'Raj" takes legal action against Chutney singer

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018, 2:11 pm AST
  • By Leah Sorias Multimedia Desk


Chutney is getting all the hype so it is possible.


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