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Toby: Non-payment of stipends could impact Panorama

“All bands are practising. They started their preparation well before Christmas. “There would be judging in the various pan yards and we begin with the single pan bands and then we move on to the other categories which is the Small, Medium and Large,” she said.

On the matter of no stipends being paid to pannists this year as announced by PanTrinbago’s President Beverly Ramsey-Moore, Toby felt this would have an impact on this year’s competitions.

“It all comes down to the management of the various bands… how they address the situation. I come from the era where they weren’t paying players, so … it all comes down to the management of the various bands and how they deal with this situation. It’s tough, it’s going to be hard, but we all have to see how best we can keep the event going.

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Here we go again. It's the same ting over and over. Ingrid wrote that she is amazed that today panists cyar/doh want to recognize their true worth, and so the exploitation continues.

Play, Mr. Panman, Play.

Play fuh Panorama.

We go collect, Buh 

We eh go pay.

Mercer:  Let's put it another way.  If pan men play for Panorama 2019 knowing that they didn't get paid for 2018 and won't get paid for 2019 nor 2020, they will set a precedent for no payment in the future ..... EVER!

Pan men:  Know your worth and never sell yourself short.

LIke is only TOBYGONIANS running PAN TRINBAGO, boy!!!

Beverley, Toby, Salisha, Arnold -- like dey buy out NEWSDAY.

Whey dem TRINIDADIANS and dem?

Oh! Ah Forget!!! Dem come under the category: "MY STAFF!!!"

Ah have to give Michael L Joseph ah point because all THIS PRESIDENT is interested in is "the trimmings or trappings of office". 

They are always trying to hit the musicians Blows. As if they don't have bills to pay or any obligations to take care of!
They boast about all the Steelpans the Country produces and You not gonna pay the Players,They are the Heart beat of Carnival---- Shame on You Whoever came up with that Idea. Everybody else is getting Paid........As Bob Marley said " Get Up Stand Up Stand Up for Your Rights" I think I've already said too much!


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