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Today (5/23/2019) provided the CROWNING JEWEL of VALIDATION in my arguments on GLOBALIZING PAN MUSIC. So I want TO THANK WHENSTEELTALKS for providing THE PLATFORM which has been so instrumental ...


Many times on THIS FORUM I have talked about PLATFORMS -- specifically associated with THE MERRYMEN and generally associated with PAN TRINBAGO. Platforms are critical to success in life, starting with PARENTS. And I will leave it there.

Before I came to WHENSTEELTALKS I was a FIELD HAND helping out in promoting PAN MUSIC in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. But I always had a cynical view of the PAN MOVEMENT and spent decades out here trying to counter the SENTIMENTAL VIEW of the LOCALS (EXPAT LOCALS)  as they patted themselves on the back shouting "WE SO TALENTED" and getting DIZZY over the SELF-PRAISE.

Needless to say that i was on the other side of the PAN BANK then as I have been on THIS FORUM.

But the way the PAN CARDS FELL in the last 10 DAYS was like being dealt QJ suited and watching the 10/K/A of the suit FLOP!!!

In PAN LANGUAGE -- all the VALIDATION I could ever dream about with my "other side of the bank" arguments MANIFESTED in the last 10 DAYS starting with WILSON JEAN-BAPTISTE. And THE HITS just kept on coming culminating with my ULTIMATE VALIDATION TODAY.

Were it not for the WHENSTEELTALKS PLATFORM -- I might have gone to my grave wondering if my EVALUATION OF THE GLOBAL PAN PRODUCT was a PIPE DREAM or if it had a place in REALITY that only I UNDERSTOOD.

I no longer have to wonder about that thanks to THIS WHENSTEELTALKS PLATFORM. My vision of what it takes to GLOBALIZE PAN MUSIC (right down to HOW TO PLAY THE PAN) has been VALIDATED in my mind.

Now, I was reluctant to take prisoners for over 40 years -- but as of today, I hold myself as a TRUE VISIONARY in terms of what is required to GLOBALIZE PAN MUSIC..

Again, thanks to the WHENSTEELTALKS PLATFORM!!!

odw: I am not going to give away TRADE SECRETS or cast pearls before swine!!!


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I know how you feel.   I, too, have been secretly wishing for a great breakthrough for our national instrument to be recognized by the world with international fame music and talent.   That's why I always supported in any small way that I could.   However, there comes a time in life when you feel your dreams are not for your lifetime..... so now I silently read how life progresses. 

Brenda H.

Brenda: We have had such a COMMON EXPERIENCE watching this PAN THING from a FRONT ROW SEAT -- it is SCARY. And you are EAST COAST and I WEST COAST as far apart as the TWO EXPERIENCES could be --- but the OBSERVATIONS and CONCLUSIONS remain the same.

Take your VITAMINS -- it looks as if we are going to have to live til 100 years to see ONE PERSON break through!!!

Claude G.


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