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Toronto - Pan Alive 2017 Panorama results - Congratulations to Pan Fantasy

When Steel talks extends congratulations to Pan Fantasy on their 2017 Pan Alive Championship

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Big up all Toronto Steelbands, especially  Pan Masters, Salah Steel Orchestra and the winner Pan Fantasy.

Any info on the complete scoring?

This is what "Allos" posted.

Here are the results... (taken from a voice note, hence why the top two point totals are missing)

1 - Pan Fantasy
2 - Salah
3 - Pan Masters 263
4 - Silhouettes 260.5
5 - Afropan 260
6 - Panatics 250
7 - JK Pan Vibrations - 246
8 - New Dimension 245.5
9 - Brampton Golden Harps International 230
10 - Forest Creek Pathway 224.5
11 - St. Jamestown 192.5

Good one Mark @ Sillhouettes...

Listening to this "PAN FANTASY STEELBAND" reminds me of "CHINESE FOOD" in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA!!!

CHOP SUI Mi Amigo???

JJJ: If this band WIN, I certainly don't want to hear the BANDS that LOSE!!!

Mi Amigo, I'm glad that you're seeing and hearing things as they are and not how you want them to be, so you won't need CHOP STICKS TO EAT PELAU...

Listening to this first place winner is the reason I get upset when trinis demand money for TT panorama players or else boycott. Yearly, pan players are getting more illiterate to arranging for a panorama competition. Also, you pay for this?

Please encourage education in music.

patrick, at no time in the history of the steelband/pan was there as many pan people that know music.

Exactly my point, and the elders who knew pan from the earlier times , should to let the youngsters know, it was not easy. Today the youngsters are given a huge head-start, software to compose songs, pan workshops on how to make pan, how to arrange pan etc. Let them know Cecil, in the early days, it was all secret also. You know how many tape recorders were taken away in panyards, in addition to licks, and how much 'buff up' patrons had to endure. If you encourage the youngsters to play for money Cecil, they will never know what to accomplish. The majority can't arrange spit. You arrange music for people who don't know anything about arranging music, make them feel good, and have them begging for more.


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