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Sean Nero - Trinidad Guardian

Toyota T&T Limited plans to invest $60,000 in four-time National Panorama champion Harmonites Steel Orchestra in support of its Panorama 2016 goals. Steve St Angelo, CEO at the Toyota Motor Corporation for Latin America and the Caribbean, made the announcement during a reception held in his honour at the band’s Morvant Junction panyard last week.

“I know Harmonites band is very important to this country. It’s also very important to Toyota and for them to allow me to come here today, to see this first hand, it’s been the highlight of my trip. 

“Effective January 1, 2016, sponsorship for the Carnival 2016 season, Toyota will continue to sponsor. But this year we want to do it a little bit different. We want to sponsor this year by donating $60,000 to Harmonites. So if I can make it next year, I will be watching you guys very, very close to make sure we get good value for our sponsorship,” he said.

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Sad...but are we going to have Toyota Harmonites? Are the days of Solo gone? Say it aint so, Joe.

Toyota Harmonites will have to make do with 60.000$ for 2016. I wonder if anyone told Steve the 60k is peanuts?

Is he talking US $$$ & that is still peanuts, TOYOTA could do much better, somebody better educate that man what it take to run a Steelband .

60k Is less than tuners fee

We had Catelli All Stars for a while long ago and now we have Massy All Stars. I loved Solo Harmonites in the past, but I am glad to see them working and developing regardless of sponsorship etc. It's a nostalgic thing for us older folks. I am really glad that Despers have remained with the same sponsor because that's how we knew them long ago.


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