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Trinidad All Stars - 2011 Large Band Conventional Category Champions

Congratulations to Trinidad All Stars - 2011 Large Band Conventional Category 


click for Panorama 2011 Results: Large Band category -http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2011/results/2011summaryresults.htm#...

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Congratulations to all winners. Special thank you to all who participated: You gave your best effort, as always.
This is madness something has 2 be done about these people who sits there and judges panorama.Year after year time after time its the same foolishness.What were they doing when Phase2,Exodus and Invaders was playing.I know see why the minister wanted 2 do away with panorama competition.
Congrats to All Stars !!
It seems  that glamour and glitz wins over melody and harmony.i am not a phase 2 fan but there is no way they did not make the top 3 maybe it's because of there outspoken leader in his fight for the band and the moving issue 
I totally agree. Phase 2 is the band to hate these days. I think this plays into the judging also. Obviously T&T has a love relationship with All Stars (they cant do NO wrong ever) Invaders and Exodus surprised me with a great musical performance Deltones and Redemption were simply (musically) awful. Where do they get these judges from???  Thanks,
paddy corea you must be def or stupid......deltones sound great it was a breath of fresh air to the shit you all like you cant even understand it lol.......maybe you should go arrange for a band since you know about musically awful.......i follow that band since they play am not drunk an they have the best music in every panorama since............you should keep you mouth close an not let everyone know you dont know anything.....thanks
Carlton Alexander has already carried Panorama music in a different direction, just as Boogsie did 30 years ago and just as happened with Boogsie, it will take  years before the genius in the music is recognised and accepted.This invariably happens when new paradigms appear on the scene

Mornin people!!  " Wey ah tell allyuh" The judges must fly straight 

dis year".

Yes indeed they did. I"m very proud  of "NM All Stars and agrees

with the judges decision. Congrats "Smoothie"!!!!!!!!!

PS, Yuh cyar beat we by 1pt on semi nite and xpect to win on

final nite. (Waste ah time....) Enjoy allyuh carnival 1 Love. : )









Congrats to All Stars !!

To my ears, mind and everthing else, it was Exodus #1

I must say congrats and thanks to www.carnivaltv.net. This live streaming with very good reception is a key market tool for T & T unlike the poor reception last year and before that sent me to sleep.

I believe the judges still living in the dark ages or maybe they all deaf, the continue to punish Boogsie.


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