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Trinidad All Stars Says “Leave We Alone” - They’ve Got Championship Business to Attend to...

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Some people, talking ‘bout the steel band
When they win Band of The Year Like they doh live here
But you doh - hear them saying nothing
When they win with bikini, and beads every year.
You have your choice, and the steel band have their own voice,
We survive for 81 years, overcoming blood, sweet and tears
We just want to tell you, don’t try to be no judge neither no jury.

Leave We Alone -- by Clive Telemaque


Coming out of the semi finals they found themselves tied for third position as part of an all-world cast of distinguished competitors with a score of 271 and vying for the 2016 Panorama championship. But this is not just another contender. Their name is Trinidad All Stars. A name that reverberates around the world and denotes - champions, professionalism, history and confidence. Oh, and by the way they are the defending champions.

The tune of choice for Trinidad All Stars is “Leave We Alone” written by Clive Telemaque, who is a veteran player in the orchestra. And their musical director is champion arranger Leon “Smooth” Edwards. While “Leave We Alone” is a partially humorous tune delivered with tongue-in-cheek witticism - it does speak to the real challenges and jealousies the franchise has experienced in part because of its winning pedigree.

Like them or hate them - or LOVE them - the reality is Trinidad All Stars has a history of delivering the goods and setting the bar that others will have to follow or break, on and off the stage. Often they are the ground breakers and trendsetters. They are a higher-achieving, self-contained organization that knows how to market their brand. For example, Trinidad All Stars is the first steel orchestra to ensure production of high-quality video footage of their prelim/‘panyard-judging’ performances every year. That guarantees that music aficionados and fans around the world can be in tune with the band’s vibe and energy.

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2016/news/trinidad-all-stars-2-4-201...

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Awww Come on all stars have been winning panorama,with the same ole tired runs ,year after year,how come ,I don't know..they perform excellent yes,,,but their musical content will have a negative outlook ,to any real musician. To their fans run ,run ,chromatic,after chromatic,THAT'S. what they like ,,but to musicans world wide ,they are still wondering,what on earth are they playing. Come into the 21st. Century. All stars,,,,,play something that we can whistle.All the best in the finals.BLESSINGS.
As a professional organization ,Great going All Stars .On their Mas ,congratulations,and thanks for keeping pan mas alive. Panorama give us something different,for a change.BLESSINGS.

May the best band win. I hope the judging reflect this.

This article is just full of BS. They are a "Higher achieving organization". What about Renegades, Phase 2, Despers,. these organizations are also up there even though 2 have not won in a while. After the semi finals the first video that was release was from All Stars and they did not play in position number 1, Like they have someone working on the inside. Because other bands fail to win does not mean that they have not put in some long hours of hard work. Is time that they get recognize to. Well it look like the whell start to turn this year and watch out for some big upset.

Case in point --Case in point. Recognize  the jealousy in the aforementioned comments?

Every Steel Orchestra has its signature embedded in its arrangement. Without seeing a band on stage one can tell who is playing after a few seconds. But the hatred and envy for the great ones persist. 

 Final night--Final night ---Be Aware Be Aware.  Beware the Hell Yard  Conquerors are on the move again.       

I feel sorry for the haters who have to put down another band to make their band sound good….All bands have a signature sound and All Stars with the Chromatics and runs, are a part of Panorama I look forward to. Back in the day if I heard a Barry White; Luther Vandross; Whitney Houston; Sting; Michael Jackson… I knew who I was listening to moistly from the first few notes of their song. Their voices were like the tenors singing sweet, each with their unique spin on each tune they sung but similarities throughout. Win lose or draw, AllStars are professional….never a word in condemnation of the judging. Professional enough to go back and try harder to win next year. For your information I am one of the people who uploaded AllStars performances and it is because I am a diehard fan of AllStars. If Renegades, Desperadoes or Phase II do not have fans who are willing to take the time to upload their band it’s not our problem…. May the best band win.


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