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No Pan?

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Why? What is happening?

Highly unlikely,small fish to hungry for crumbs.

Anybody on this forum grow up in Trinidad?

Boycott what?

Like allyuh eh know the KAHNAHVAL MENTALITY or what?

Diaz told them internet blackout if they want to get paid so everybody hush dey mouth.....................for now

Cecil: I hear yuh get all the inside information on the PAN TRINBAGO meeting yesterday and yuh doh want to share it with NOBODY on the forum. Like yuh working privately for KEITH DIAZ or what?

No one shared in the forum what took place at the last PanTrinbago meeting, this shows the control the executive has over local pan people. I hope at some point local pan people realize that they can use Social Media to get justice from PanTrinbago. For starters pressure them about non payment of 2016 panorama money.

Hope it does not happen, but anything is possible.  A boycott happened before.  That's why we have the songs, "Woman on the Bass" and "No Pan."

Ah tell allyuh years ago that KEITH DIAZ is the GREATEST POLITICIAN I ever see. Ah even rank him in a DEAD HEAT with OBAMA and some people who doh understand politics get vex.

In a demented way, I like how KEITH DIAZ does STRONG ARM dem PAN MEN and manipulate dem like little puppets. (And watch how he vanquished the NEW VISIONARIES.) Ah was thinking of using a substitute word for "puppets" but in this POLITICALLY CORRECT season ah doh want to get in trouble like MacFarlane.

I say we go back to listening to the new PAN SONGS for 2017 and start back discussing who go WIN PANORAMA 2017 and let Mr. Keith Diaz run his organization the way he sees fit like the Minister of Culture said.

Looks like now is a good opportunity to get more Pan on the Road for Carnival, they should sign-up with MacFarlane in Plantation Mas, the” Art of Living like A Slave” Pan Musicians working for no pay, include a section called Haiti with Pan Leaders like Toussaint L'Ouverture the slave who defeated Napoleon.

The Mighty Sparrow ~ A Slave From Africa / LIVE 1992

Word on the ground is Diaz pissed the Single Pan bands off by moving them out of the carnival season.

Claude you are right about Keith Diaz strong arming the players. They don't believe they have any choices, except stop playing completely. Keith Diaz and is solely responsible for the rapid demise in bands being able to meet their minimum player requirements.   



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