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Two weeks after the election and not ONE PERSON on the MASSIVE REBUILD TEAM could make some simple updates to the PAN TRINBAGO WEBSITE

This is really depressing!!! And the very least the PRO could have done is put up some kind of statement about the TRANSITION even it was loaded with some more FALSE PROMISES.

I don't know how TEAM REBUILD could live with itself after the BIG CAMPAIGN and all the promises and action plans and now it is nothing but STAGNATION.

From the time I saw the first interview with WACK RADIO when Denise and Beverley went and every time they ask Beverley about the PAN PROGRESS she was promising her reply was: Marcus Ash will do that and Marcus Ash will do the other and Marcus will be handling that project.

Right away I done know that NINE PEOPLE go be sitting around and watching MARCUS ASH do ALL THE WORK. Go back and watch the video if allyuh think ah lie.

But even though MARCUS ASH is highly energetic and intelligent -- Marcus Ash cannot do EVERYTHING. Somebody must be capable of updating THE WEBSITE on a daily basis -- somebody should feel that sense of responsibility after all the promises made during the campaign.

Somebody said that "shame" was sick and half-dead in the KEITH DIAZ administration; but like this new administration euthanize "shame" and thence to the  laperouse cemetery !!!

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Madame President, Marcus Ash

This is indeed embarrassing...

Please update the website. The World is watching.

Can y'all pay monies owed to Steelbands and players?  before Christmas.


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