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UK 34th Steelband Panorama 2011 - BAS Notting Hill - Information Complete

Ebony Steelband from the UK's 2010 PanoramaUnited Kingdom - This year’s Notting Hill Panorama will be held on Saturday 27th August 2011 at the Horniman’s Pleasance, Kensal Road off Ladbroke Grove. The event is scheduled to be hosted between 3:00-7:30 p.m. The ‘Drag’ where the bands practice on Kensal Road before the competition, will be open from 1:00 p.m. Panorama is a focal point for all Carnival celebrations globally where top steel bands come together in a musical battle for supremacy.

The UK’s juggernaut steel band, Ebony, acclaimed to be Europe’s finest, has won the UK Panorama nineteen times, placed second eight times and third twice, giving a grand total of twenty-nine (29) [appearances] in a competition that is only 33 years old.
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Judges on the evening will be Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed, Nestor Sullivan, Ray Holman, Robert Bailey and Rudy ‘Two Lef’ Smith.
A most distinguished panel of judges.
I agree.

will there be a live stream??



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