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Ulvin Belfast with Silhouettes Steel Orchestra - Mr.Pannist - 1994

The year is 1994 and Basement Recordings has again ventured out to capture the steelbands of New York in their panyards before panorama. On this night Basement captures noted Trinidad and Tobago musician Ulvin Belfast arrangement for Silhouettes Steel Orchestra. The style and execution are from a past era of pan as many of the members were mature pan players, however the beauty of their performance and has withstood the test of time. It is unfortunate that Ulvin Belfast passed away in Trinidad in 2007 with not so much as a whisper in the music circles.
Check out the harmonies and approach of Belfast. More on Belfast and the full arrangement can be found at http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2007/belfast.htm

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This is boss. Them old cats really can make you feel the music. No unnecessary aggression. Their strumming is excellent. This is a lost art. At times the guitar pan really sounds like a guitar or quatro strumming. I really got lost in the music.
I believe what we are experiencing here is pure musical intellect as opposed to the chromic up/chromatic down and aimless gymnastics that we are forced fed and are told are great pan arrangements. Belfast is part of that Bradley generation that produced thoughtful pan music. I also think this is also the reason for this years fascination with Carlton “Zander” Alexander and Siparia Deltones playing I'm Not Drunk.

I love the bass line in this arrangement,

This arrangement demonstrates a simplicity in music that is often lost with arrangements and arrangers that do so much that the listeners' ears and brain can not keep up. A strong engine room coupled with a solid bass line provides that great foundation for the melody to really shine...the music just evokes those sweet, happy, peaceful type of emotions...
I am proud to count Belfast as one one of my better friends. He was a master musician in every sence of the word. I ue to go buy his apartment many times to listen to some of his original compositions which were all good. To this day I still have the tenor pan stand that he gave to me. The last band that he arrainged for in Brooklyn in which i was fortunate to be a part of was a band skippered jointly by Treavor and Chinee. We use to play and practise at a club called Calaloo on Flatbush avenue. Belfast could be funny at times but he was a no nonsence Arrainger. Right now the name of the band escapes me but I will keep on trying to remember it. I had two names within the band. One was Tahzann and the other was Curly. I was the darkest person in the band with Curly hair. American born from trinidadian parents. Started playing pan at the age of twelve with the first steel band in this country under the guidence of my friend and mentor Mr Rudolf King.What a lot of people don"t no is Mr King fought with the musician's union in this country for a long time before they would accept the Steel Pan as a musical instrument.If ever there is a Steelband hall of fame, Mr King and mr belfast should be on of the first recipents. carlton e. munroe
I am back. The name of the band was Pan 2000. Belfast left Brooklyn NY to go back to Trinidad to take care of his
ailing mother who was not doing very well. May both of my pardners R.K & U.B. R.I.P. Carlton

Belfast was a underrated arranger, he could of hold his own with the Best,



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