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Understanding the Technology – Steelpan Tuning

Trinidad and Tobago - Pan Trinbago Inc. will be hosting a seminar titled “Understanding the Technology – Pan Tuning “ at the Port of Spain City Hall Auditorium, Knox Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, on Saturday 29th August 2009, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Presenters are Dr. Anthony Achong and Mr. Patrick Arnold.

U.S. based Dr. Achong is one of Trinidad & Tobago’s pioneering pan scientists conducting research on the steelpan for over 25 years. He has also published extensively on the scientific aspects of the pan in local and international journals. His goal is to put the science and technology of the steelpan on firm ground. Dr. Achong is credited in working out a complete dynamical/acoustical theory for the notes on the steelpan. He has received two local patents from his work on pan.

Mr. Arnold, an experienced steelpan tuner who has worked extensively at home and abroad, is the other resource panelist.

The exercise is part of the on-going thrust to revolutionize the instrument.

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Fantastic idea, even if long overdue.

Success to this event. Look forward to more in the future.
Long overdue, looking forward to hearing more about this,

Albert Albee Amoroso
Florida U.S.A
I hope the seminar do not leave out the Invaders Tenor pan as part of the dicussion.

Courtney Leiba
Calypso Pan-tas-tic
thats a crazy pan..i get a head ache just lookin at it! lol!
I cant believe that, the Seminar is just making the NEWS here! We need an International Seminar , I hope that the Steelpans and Steelbands organizationsaround the world, will get together with Pantrinbago and expand on this type of Steelpan technology Seminars. Canada is the first country with an electronic pan, the future is bright, lets expand.
I am a little confused. Where are we going with this? I once heard a one say that all it takes to make a drum, is to stretch a piece of skin over a frame.....hog-food; the Djembe, Kidi/kete, mama-drum and all the others live on without technological reductionism. I wish to call a forum on matters like this. Let's say sometime in March 2010 in Canada...or wherever. This is your mantle WST pick it up and run with it. One Love Ras Rico I SELASSIE I
Isn't the difference that those other instruments have been around for thousands of years and so have reached a certain state of perfection? The pan is new and people are still experimenting in how to make it better. Also pan is not a drum - it is an idiophone, meaning the whole instrument rings - this means that there are many more complex issues in isolating the pitches enough, but allowing sympathetic notes to ring (ie the octaves 4ths and 5ths). I think this sounds like a great idea, but Hameed is right - this needs to be international! For example we have some of the world's best tuners here in the UK (Dudley Dixon tunes for Phase II amongst other bands).
I am really disappointed with the organisers of the "Understanding the Technology- Pan Tuning" forum. I had some difficulty finding a safe place to park and I got there a little after 10.00am to find the City Hall Auditorium was locked up . Two men were standing in the foyer and one of them said that he was there since 8.00am when a lady passed to say that the event was off. I had checked the advertisement up to this morning and no postponement had been announced.
As the 2nd Vice President of the Pan In Schools Coordinating Council (PSCC) I have been coordinating a Pan Tuning programme using the Science and Technology of pan tuning to produce a new cadre of pan tuners taking children from our Secondary schools. For the last five years this is being done in collaboration with the Steelpan Development Center , Faculty of Engineering,UWI St Augustine and sponsored by BG Trinidad & Tobago.
I look forward to a credible explanation for such scant courtesy.
Hello Ms. Adams I feel your fustration. I hope the organizers explain what happened.



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