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After glimsing at the selection of the Honourees for the 50  years Anniversary of T&T in the Trinidad Express,there are many persons who are displeased with the selection,my point of view is that there /were persons who had done their utmost best for the development of the Steelpan/Bertie Marshal, Ellie,,Boogsie,,Ken and all of the other old  timers,George Sonny Goddard  who was the Pusher,note well!!40 years of sacrifice  Pantrinbago inclusive etc,T&T is the backbone,foundation of the Steelpan,i do wonder who were the persons chosen to select the Honourees, were there Tuners,Arrangers,,persons from Pantrinbago,,was consideration given for the Steelpan Tuners/notTuner,,Arrangers/not arranger,,for there is a quote  which i do use ,,opportunity  must not only be given to those that are having Academic qualifications,,,But!!!   to those, who also have the ability to learn and perform,, ah hope meh brethren and sisteren get meh message, how on earths name only one Tuner /Composer,Arranger,who came into this world years after to discover the Steelpan alone be Honoured,mind you well i do appreciate the works of the arranger Liam, to the point, i lay the blame on the composition of the selection  committee,,,i do leave the rest to the members of WST,hope i haven,t offended anyone, i,m always subject to corrections and would do so with pleasure i,vegot to be me,,,respect for all, Truth. 

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Jerome, what unethical selection you are talking about, if you have a personal bias for George Goddard to get an award that is your prerogative, Trinbagonian is please with the 2012 awards, do not show your ignorance. 

 Andre!  kindly  read the comments of the Trinidad Express , relevant the selection of the Honourees,,,,,,and tell me that  Trinbagonan are pleased,,,,,,, ,igorance lies in the bossom of the fool.???    respect.


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