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United States Steel Band Association Inc. (USSA) Election 2013.

We announce the results of USSA Election 2013, Officers and Board of Directors, held Sunday January 13th, 2013 @ 1169 Nostrand Ave. Officiated by Joanelle Donald & Danielle Edinboro.


Keith Marcelle : Chairperson

Martin Douglas : Vice-Chairperson

Claudette Baptiste : Secretary

Matthew Bascombe : Treasurer

Kamau Hutchinson : Director

Travis Roberts : Director

Magnus Scanterbury : Director

Mervyn (Mauby) Rudder : Director

Anthony Joseph : Director


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Well Mr Marcelle you look like a man with a vision, I hope that the people of New York stand with you to make it a reality. You have a  good man as vice-chairperson, Dougie and I grew up together in T&T. 

A simple thing like taking part in discussions on WST shows us the type of Chairperson you intend being,  tapping into WST 10,000+ membership is a resource you have, use it.

                              Here's to a productive run.

Mr. Marcelle It is great to see a pan official who is willing to answer the peoples questions in public. Recently on this forum a Pan Trinbago official ran away after engaging just one WST member. I hope you will not run away if people don't agree with you.

What has been your biggest disappointment these past few years as chairman of the NY pan association?

What has been your biggest failure?


Goodday Mr. Bugs

I have no problem answering questions, responding to questions or have people disagree with me, we are all entitled to our opions sometimes we are wright and sometimes we are wrong. I just what discussions to be respectful and constructive.

My biggest disappointment and biggest failure are both one in the same, at this jointure not being able to bring the pan community together. I fell in love with pan when I was goin to Rosary Boys R.C., my cousin was married to Bertie Marshall when I found out I went to him, at that time I was living Lower Erica Street, for anybody who is familar with Laventille will know it is about a half a block from Bertie's home and Highlanders pan yard, when he found out who I was he used to allow me to come to his house, I never played pan in Trinidad, because of you Bertie was, my father refused to even thing about me playing pan, so I use to sneak after school our any other chance I got, then as I got a litter older my father let up a bit and let me go out to watch them practice, the cooliest man in steel band at that time for me was Pele, playing six bass spinning his sticks and playing with his shades on in the night, that was it for me loved pan ever since.

 1978 in New York Jan Steadman took me to play with a friend of his called Wampa is real name was Junior Jones the band name was Crossfire, not the same Crossfire of today, after panorama that year Wampa asked me to represent the band at a meeting for steelbands behind Kam's Cleaners on Nostrand Ave. I was late when I entered the screaming and cussing that I heard going on got me scared, I was about to leave when I saw "Cuttie" Winston Munroe, so I stayed and what I heard these bandleaders talking about, the hardship and being mistreated by at the time WIADCA's leadership just blew me away, the other thing that was so evident was how easy it was for panmen to turn on the Assocation leadership, since that time I have being tring to somehow work to bring the pan community together, and to this day we are still not together. I have not given up nor will I, what I have done was learn different methodologies to accomplish it and hope that the bandleaders do wake one day soon  and realize they themselves not WIADCA or any other group, is keeping pan down.

I make this statement knowing fully well of all the back-lash to come from it, but I will stand my ground and I am willing to debate(key word debate, not argue) with any one, one on one, twelve on one, any place any time as long as it can bring us together.


How about having future pan-a-rama's at the new Barkley Center on Atlantic Avenue (downtown Bklyn)

Carlton, I don't think the Barkley Center come cheep but it's worth looking into.


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