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United States Steelband Association - USSA: New Beginning, New Direction, New Promise

United States Steelband Association - USSA: New Beginning, New Direction, New Promise

New York, USA - A new beginning, era and focus were ushered into the steelband movement as a new administration took the helm of the North American-based steelband music organization, United States Steelband Association (USSA).

There was a pledge of transparency, accountability and support of members by the newly-elected board. In addition, there was an announcement that there would be a concerted effort among the board members to facilitate the involvement of the upcoming generation of young panists, and to directly address their needs and concerns.
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i would like to know who is the new executive members of the New York Steelband Association and who i should be liasing with on behalf of The British Association of Steelbands [BAS] as in the past we have had a close relationship with members of the previous regime IE Anthony Ike Hinds with whom i have been in contact with when ever i visit New York, and i believe its important for the relationship between the two organisations to continue.
Can some one put me intouch ?.

Pepe Francis [Chairman] BAS.
Good day sir, My Name is Keith Marcelle,the Chairperson of USSA, you can reach me at keithmrcll@hotmail.com or phone me at (347) 522-4010, I look forward to hearing from you and we will continue the relationship started be the previous administration. Thank you.
Thanks alot Keith and i will be contacting youby email soon i am leaving for Trinidad this week but i will try to make personal contact before i leave.


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