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Universal suffrage gives the right to vote to all adult citizens, regardless of wealth, income, gender, social status, race, ethnicity, or any other restriction, subject only to relatively minor exceptions.

Pan Women and Pan Men, on Monday 02 December 2019, go out in your numbers to your respective polling stations and vote convincingly for the PNM.

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The stark choices for us on Monday

THE EDITOR: On Monday, Local Government Elections Day, we the people of TT will be faced with making a great national decision.

We have the opportunity to either vote for a party which, when it was in government, benefitted itself and friends, or we can vote for a party that has always put all the people first, as is presently the case.

Therefore when faced with this choice, it is obvious that the People’s National Movement (PNM) is a breed apart from the United National Congress (UNC).


Black Stalin - Nobody Cares

Local govt disappointment...

Many people I know have decided not to vote because they think tomorrow’s local government elections are a sham. They believe the politicians have well and truly trussed us up like chickens prepared for the oven.

It pains me, as I profoundly believe that every citizen has a duty to exercise the right to vote. But to stick with the culinary motif, it would appear that we have been skewered by the politicians who pay lip service to the idea but really are uninterested in local government reform ever happening or in corporations being empowered to better look after our affairs.

I distinctly remember the present Opposition promising local government reform before the elections that put them in power in 2010, and then changing their tune once in office. They probably discovered that the current system is very useful in granting patronage.



odw, the press and politics shall always be lovers, usually monogamously so. It is not strange that she the press, would attempt to create mischief on the eve of an election as is the case you have referenced in the Trinidad Newsday in an attempt to succinctly influence its conclusion.

It is quite factual that the "None Voters" usually impact the PNM negatively, as UNC voting is like a river lime that the entire family is eagerly looking forward too, and showing up for.

Cambridge Analytica's strategy of motivating those most likely not to vote, or those historically who do not vote, not to vote, by advocating reasons why they should not vote in layman terms, in the newspaper most widely bought and referenced by the "average Trini" in preference to the older established news houses of the Express and Guardian, is evidence of the fact of their presence in the UNC's campaign intangibly.

Hence the reason why I will make one final call to Pan Women and Pan Men to exercise their civic right tomorrow, Monday 02 December 2019, and to go out in their numbers and vote overwhelmingly and convincingly for the PNM in your electoral districts across Trinidad.









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