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Until TRINIS wake up and realize that we are NO LONGER the MECCA OF PAN -- we will keep falling further and further behind ...

But everybody falling in line behind BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE and believing that WE ARE THE LEADERS of the PAN WORLD. When in truth and in fact (long time ah eh use ah TRINI expression like that) all that BEVERLEY is really doing is PIMPING THE PAN PLAYERS.

Like FITTY CENT write that song for BEVERLEY to sing to the PAN PLAYERS or what because the PAN PLAYERS CYAR get  ah DOLLAR out ah SHE!!!

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I don't know what you heard about BEVERLEY
But  PAN PLAYERS can't get a dollar out of SHE
No taxi fares, no meals, dey can't see

Cecil Hinkson: If they are making ALL THESE MILLIONS from the PAN FACTORY -- why can't they PAY THE PAN PLAYERS???

YANKEES could take the pan AND MAKE HIT

And our PAN GENIUSES cyar make SPIT ...

Please somebody -- EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!!


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