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What can we expect from the UPPM after carnival?

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earl. I'm for anything to keep the protest going, but I have doubts that anything will happen after carnival.

Sir: Why wait until J'ouvert morning

Dr. deLight: From midday tomorrow, if you hear a knock on your door is ME. And it means that TRUMP send me home and I need ah little room to stay in until I get on my feet, okay!

Don't forget the 4th corporal work of mercy: Harbor the Harborless!!!

Heh Heh Heh – Ah like dat!
And by the same token don't forget the Spiritual Works of Mercy,
the very first: being:– Instruct the ignorant.
Here's an ideal opportunity for you – Been trying for days to upload a jpg, a png, without success.

Dr. deLight: Hit the "upload Files" button at the bottom of the reply box and then click on BROWSE and all your images will come up. Scroll down to the one you want to upload and click on it then hit  "Open" and that loads the file. You should see the name of the file next to "Browse".  Make sure I have one of these to drive since you are being so kind!!!

If you want the image embedded in the message you can, once you get into the blank reply box you click on the icon to the immediate right of "LINK" a screen comes up and you click on BROWSE and all your images should come up. Scroll down and click on the image you want and then hit OPEN at the bottom. That brings you back to the first "add image" screen and then you hit OK ... that should load the image into your reply.


Claude...yuh could stay by me boy...ah have a discounted rent for yuh...as yuh is meh new best fren' here...US$100 an hour....how a about dat?

merrytones, gyrls included in that US$100 an hour?

Only if you provide them sir...I not into human trafficking...lol

merrytones, nice one, back in the day ah man cudda buy ah pound ah flesh, lol to day is ah whole person.


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