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US Vice President Joe Biden tries out a steelpan


Trinidad US Biden


Vice President Joe Biden, left, accompanied by Trinidad & Tobago's Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, tries out a steelpan, the traditional percussion instrument of the Caribbean twin-island country, during their meeting at the Diplomatic Center in St. Anns, Trinidad, Tuesday, May 28, 2013. (AP Photo/Anthony Harris)/TTO106/333178237095/1305290100

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday:

....“I’m asking each of you heads of state to please write a note to President Obama,” he said. “Tell him it’s critical that I come back to Trinidad and Tobago and then I can visit each of your islands for us to stay at least a couple weeks.”

....Minutes after he ended his speech and bid the Prime Minister farewell, Biden stopped the vehicle that was taking him to the Piarco International Airport in order to give one final message to the Persad-Bissessar. 

“Don’t forget that steel-drum is mine!” he said. “You tell President Obama that!” As with his arrival on Monday night, Biden had been greeted hours earlier by pan music as he walked the red-carpet to enter the double doors of the Diplomatic Centre at 11:14 a.m.

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I'm pretty sure that the US Secret Service swept this tenor pan and pan stands for bombs and bugs before the VP even came into contact with it.



I will take bets this pan was made by my Son Sheldon Bess and sold by Gills Pan Shop. Any takers??.

Oh yea victor, you son logo is at the top of the pan, some of us could still see good.  lol

Hey Cecil, I saw the logo after you mentioned it, what I recognized was the wire connector used to secure the wire to hang the pan. I must say your vision is 20/20.

In this day and age we could do better than a wire and electric connector to hang the pan. There are so many other more elegant ways that would look much better and be more in keeping with the quality and value of the modern pan.

Yeah Vic. it is a GILL'S brand,;;;


GILLPANS has an elite tuning team that specifically works on these special projects such as the digital pan. GILLS thank our elite team for ensuring that the GILLS BRAND continues to maintain its excellence. DISTINCTIVE LOOK , PRECISE TUNING

Aye Sidd, not if the notes are TT$ for US$.

Well done Kamla and Joe!!!

Both heads of States beats to one movement.

Looks like Joe is teaching Kamla how to play. I'm sure he knows more about it than she does.


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