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VS NAIPAUL is DEAD!!! (Wrong Forum!) But he was a DISTINGUISHED TRINI!!

Reports out of the United Kingdom quotes his wife, Lady Naipaul, as confirming his death.

According to the BBC, she said he died surrounded by those he loved.

Naipaul was 85.

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Obama credits Trinidadian writer VS Naipaul in interview

“I think that there are writers who I don’t necessarily agree with in terms of their politics, but whose writings are sort of a baseline for how to think about certain things — V. S. Naipaul, for example. His “A Bend in the River,” which starts with the line, “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.”

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He was a brilliant man and writer.  As is so often the case with genius or near genius, it seems he was what people would call"difficult".  He had no patience for mediocrity( or what he perceived to be such) and showed this openly. What is undeniable is that he was a brilliant Trini writer even if he disparaged his native country.  His best work is set and rooted in our beloved country.  He was, even after adopting another nationality, a Trini, and was part of, or inspired, a canon of Trini writers who put us on the world's literary map.  His contribution to Trinidad is undeniable.

I would say "may he rest in peace", but if there is an after life, as we think there is, then he is probably exclaiming in disappointment, as he did when he first went to England, that there are "asses in droves everywhere". 

Nuff respect to a man with dazzling talent!

He was one of my favourite authors.  Sir V.S. Naipaul, RIP...

Great novelist (storyteller).  Some critics call him "an apologist for colonialism".

Great idea, Claude, the video! Naipaul is one of my favourite Caribbean writers Each time I re-read his works, I believe his position is multi-dimensional and least racist. His stories so well crafted painted pictures of who we are as a people, and his graphics of yesteryear have not changed, though I try to believe they have. His criticism of the world provides continuous analysis. He can rest in peace, he did the work.


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