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Revisited - Decade in Review 2010-2019 --- WACK 90.1 fm ‘Culture Krazy’ station forced off the Internet for Steelband Panorama and 2010 Carnival Events

Trinidad and Tobago - With the Trinidad and Tobago 2010 carnival season almost upon us - one of the country’s leading champions of their performing arts and culture, radio station WACK 90.1fm , finds itself the victim of an ironic twist of fate. The upstart station will not be allowed to broadcast over the internet, this season’s major carnival events to the very audience that it has almost single-handedly served, cultivated and captivated with a continuous stream of local music genres like calypso and steelpan music.

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THANK YOU for bringing up the ubiquitous photographers... there are a few that you see on stage EVERY SINGLE YEAR, inside and crawling all over the bands on the DVD, yet they NEVER make their photos public. What are they doing with them? Are they even taking photos or is it just a ruse to get on stage and see themselves on the DVD later?
this original discussion thread was not about photographers? and as a photographer...on the stage for finals..we are always asked to clear de way for the videocam...dey dont want us seen in their video...and frankly neither do we...we dont get royalties when video sold. but we have a job/task at hand to get photos....photographing steelband to get full essence of it cannot be done form in front the stage. the pannists other than the frontline should be shown too, don't you think?
I think yuh parang de wrong house or didn't READ discussion fully?
look if you give your photos to the express or guardian or newsday or When steel talks, or put them on facebook, flickr, etc. in other words, make them available to the public, that's one thing... but there are a few who are always there shooting and don't seem to do a thing with them.... i just don't get it
r u talking about photos..or broadcasting?
i'm talking about photos specifically.
The photographers are a dime a dozen. They make their living, most of them by photography. Very few are probably simply shooting for the love of pan, or are doing it without getting paid. But whichever category they fall into, is it asking too much for them to show some respect for the event and what is eventuallly captured on video? If WACK fm had been given the broadcasting rights, for TV as well - the problem would be the same - photographers all over the bloody place. It is clear some of them try to avoid the television cameras the best they can. Others have a "go to hell attitude" and take their shots regardless of how they get them, and where they have to GO to get them, using the excuse it is for "the culture." If so - and it is for the people to see - where are all those pictures, again, by the way?? Miss Trinia seems to be very comfortably suited for the latter category.

Note: this forum is about pan and everything that affects the community. Online airing of panorama - especially for video, will always have a discussion for the quality of the product, regardless of the "thread."
As one who regularly tunes in to WACK-FM, I certainly sympathize with Bro. Phillip and would have hoped that he would have been consulted and offered the opportunity to bid for the STREAM. However, the decision to charge for these events is the right one. We must stop giving away our colture. I have no problem paying for the programs,just as I did with JUMP TV a few years ago. I just hope that PAN TRINBAGO shares equally in this venture. I will be tuning in and paying my fair share.
What a shame!
Our culture is still in need of all the exposure it can get, yet we continue to be short sighted and narrow minded in the pursuit of short term profit.

Depriving WACK FM from streaming a live internet feed may make some short term business sense (which I doubt) but at the cost of less exposure to our culture

Unfortunately WACK FM is a victim of this.

Anyway, thank you, Wack.

Sitting in my basement on a cold winter's day, sipping on Hennessy, watching the Boston Celtics on the tube and listening to Panorama Semis on WACK FM.

Listening to all that Trini ole talk between the band performances.

Nothing better

Except being in the Big Yard for the Panorama.

Thanks, WACK FM.

I'll miss you all for the finals.
Unbelievable! WACK broadcast our music through out the year. If it's about money they could have offered them a PaY-Per- View Deal.
And I would gladly pay for it too.

Thank you WACK for the Semis.
Thank you WST
Blssed Love to the family
Here in the U.S. we are in the midst of an attempted power-grab by our President and Congress. This power-grab by the STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA in TnT smells the same. We all need to make noise, people. Boycott the pay-per-view. Huzzas to WACK 90.1


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