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Pan Trinbago’s President Beverley Ramsey- Moore receives a cheque from WACK 90.1fm Chief Executive Officer Kenny Phillips.

The cheque represents proceeds from the pay per view live stream of the National Panorama Medium & Large Finals, held at Carnival City, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad, on Saturday March 02, 2019.

In making the presentation which took place on Thursday afternoon at Pan Trinbago’s Head Office in Port of Spain, Phillips said:” WACK fulfils a promise to Pan Trinbago for the pay per view streaming of the Panorama Finals 2019.

“It was quite successful as a jump off venture for the first time. We look forward to bigger and better things in 2020.”

WACK 90.1fm is the only “Total Local” Radio Station in Trinidad & Tobago which boasts of having the largest international audience.

Adding:” It is evident that Trinis worldwide are hungry for their piece of home via wackradio901fm.com.”

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"It is evident that Trinis worldwide are hungry for their piece of home"

Obviously, these are pan people so Beverley please could you bear this in mind, raher than just "take the cheque"!!


How much was the CHEQUE for?

Excellent question?

Kudos to both organizations!!!

Andre, boy

Ah hate to tell you straight to your face

Yuh backing ah JACK ASS in ah HORSE RACE ...

Ah steal dem lines from SPARROW!!!

Why are they showing people the back of the cheque and not the front,Come people show we the money.

Everything that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE do is a SECRET!!!

PAN TRINBAGO is her own personal SECRET SOCIETY. That is why she put PADLOCK on all dem BIG MEN MOUTH in the EXECUTIVE.

But ah like that "back of the cheque" observation!!!

Claude:  Beverley is happy to pose for a picture showing her receiving a cheque (ie. monies) but not very forthcoming in relation to how Pan Trinbago is moving pan forward.

 Another "cloak and dagger" moment ....

Ingrid: We need to get that "back of the cheque" picture to the FBI so that they could run it through some HITECH EQUIPMENT and tell us the number on the face of the CHEQUE.

I am figuring about 5000 pay-per-view @ $20.00 x 6.50 = $650,000.

And when KENNY takes away expenses, BEVERLEY getting about $200,000 after THE SPLIT.

That could pay about 400 PAN PLAYERS for PANORAMA PERFORMANCES  or buy a few new dresses and shoes for THE PRESIDENT!!!

How much? That should not be a secret

Kenny continue to do it like ah BOSS. Maybe PT could open a special bank account with that money for the building [Headquarters] and start a funding drive...

Cecil: Ah hear that you is the ONLY MAN who know how much money was on the FACE OF THAT CHEQUE!!!



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