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NLCB Buccooneers Tune: Feeling It - Swappi & Ultimate Rejects Arranger: Seion Gomez

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Yeah...sounded like an imbalance of too much front line pans to background...could be the way the band was set up as well...At any rate it didn't turn me on...Not like Redemption did anyway...

Real noise. Pan Trinbago should be a shame of themselves. Why bother to record if you are going to make the bands sound that bad with your poor recordings? Pan Trinbago is killing the product.


Hmmm! With some commiserations to a hard working Buccooneers, Claude is right; Noise! But not the bands fault though.
That was an amateur recording on a hand held device that was over-loaded by being too near to the steelband, for whatever make it was, to handle. Both the Video and sound were poor quality.

That band is full and loud, with a few conkey pans, but say what; with proper gear doing the recordings, it would not sound as distorted as that. Just too bad.

Go get a better recording.

Cheers, tobagojo

PS. While fretting about recordings, might as well go the whole hog.
  With all that clever expensive pixel real-estate available on that recording device, one would have thought to turn the device 90 degrees to capture the panoramic expanse of a steelband. But no, the great media recorder holds the device upright!

  Oh! But then we understand; the great media recorder faces another technical challenge, which is how to do a playback without the video standing on-end on our screens! We actually saw that happen on some of the streaming!
  Oh well, we’ll get there some day. Cheers.


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