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Watch the panorama live in HD on WACK 90.1 FM live stream.

Watch the panorama live in HD on WACK 90.1 FM live stream.


Difference between TTT free live stream, and WACK pay per view live stream, is quality.

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Mr. Arrindell: Two EXPAT AUDIO EXPERTS just came on THIS FORUM and said that all the LIVE FEEDS coming out of Trinidad for this PANORAMA is GARBAGE. So how could you now say that ONE GARBAGE BAG is better than the next GARBAGE BAG.

Secondly, If you have spent as much time as me watching all these shows on the computer since the advent of the INTERNET (and especially following and participating in all the chat that goes on) you might conclude that the VAST NUMBER OF EXPATS expect to see these shows for FREE --  that is we culture.

So when you match up FREE versus $20 fee in this environment -- FREE WIN!!!

Furthermore, this new TTT has more camera angles, which works better for me -- almost subconsciously. And with the addition of that new lady that broadcast the SEMIS -- TTT is going to be the 25 to 1 choice.

I like VANESSA HEADLEY because she provides some really good insights that have hit home with me. But to me the broadcasters are 50% of the production and broadcasters need to learn that they are NOT THE SHOW. Once you get in front of the camera -- people are seeing you. So you don't have to distract the viewers by reminding them in imaginable way: LOOK AT ME!!! I AM ON TV.

Boy, ah hope to see you arranging for some BIG BANDS in town NEXT YEAR. Or come to America and take a little course in BROADCASTING and you could be the ONE IN FRONT THE CAMERA after that.

Enjoy your PANORAMA!!!

I happily paid up front to see the panorama, Big fool me! for the past weeks my confirmation e-mail from Cleeg stating I've paid and including a link to the event even welcomed me by name.

Now time come to view well it's another story altogether. 

1 in put your password - what bloody password you did not ask me to set one at the start

2 e-mail from cleeng support stating they're sorry could I try again 

3 tried still no joy 

moral of the story? don't buy anything from organisations employing people who have no quality control.

And we thought PanTrinbago was bad.

No wonder everybody expect things free at least if it does not work you haven't lost your hard earned.


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