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Watch -- The Live Online Broadcast -- 2020 Panorama Semi-Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah

The  Live Online Broadcast - IF/WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE - 2020 Panorama Semi-Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah.

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Great thanks!

Hi, I am not able to access the link you provided for the semi finals live ttt live you provided also the link that Claude provided for facebook please urgently confirm the link. patiently awaiting your reply. thanks.

Marilyn: When the show starts it should be on this YOUTUBE LINK. Also, when it starts, I am sure that WST will put up the link.I am sure that they are late -- as usual!!!


WACK also has this link up with the stage -- so you can check around


Hi you sent me a link to listen on radio, you advised live not listen please provide the correct link, also are you late? patiently waiting. Thanks.

well SAN CITY is on and I am listening on radio


Claude! Good luck to you in your unofficial HELD DESK function. Patience is a Virtue.


Thanks Claude, I was really hoping to see and hear the semi finals, very disappointed since my side did not make it , its the first time, I will try the different links hoping against hope that WST will deliver.Have not heard since advising WST.

VIBE CT 105 is SO MUCH CLEANER with the SOUND!!!

WACK's Cleeng stream started real good but as soon as they gat over 360 persons on the stream it started buffering. It's obvious that the powers that be either can't afford more bandwidth or always under estimate the number of expats online.

Ah think ah live in FOREIGN much too long -- DEM LOCAL BROADCASTERS giving meh ah NEXT CONCUSSION!!!

Keep you helmet on ... haha


Good evening all. Claude, I was just telling my husband the same damn thing about the broadcasters. I like to hear the history of pan, pan tuners, band and anything else about the instrument. These commentators dry. BUT I APPRECIATE the stream.


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