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December 2nd, 2019

"Per­haps both Gov­ern­ment and the present Pantrinb­a­go Ex­ec­u­tive must in­ves­ti­gate the pre­vi­ous man­age­ment group ask­ing them to ac­count for their ac­tions or lack there­of."

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I am quite certain that there will be NO INVESTIGATION of the DIAZ-FORTEAU PAN TRINBAGO CORRUPTION. But I am hoping that the NEW PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE keeps its promise of ROOTING OUT CORRUPTION in the CURRENT EXECUTIVE.

And on that score, I think that it is IMPERATIVE that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE does a THOROUGH INVESTIGATION into the abundant rumors criss-crossing the PAN WORLD concerning the handling of  accounts by the CURRENT VEE PEE when he was head of the EASTERN REGION.

Numerous questions are being asked and it is time for the VEE PEE to respond to these questions and clear his name so that this CURRENT EXECUTIVE (TEAM REBUILD) could MOVE FORWARD without distractions linked to FURTHER CORRUPTION across PAN TRINBAGO.

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...Turn­ing to our cur­rent man­age­ment team, I would like the pres­i­dent, Bev­er­ly Ram­sey-Moore to ex­plain to steel­band mem­bers of Pantrin­ba­go why she rec­om­mend­ed ver­bal­ly to and I quote “Bury the Re­port” and then lat­er to ve­hemt­ly de­ny au­di­bly voic­ing those words. I heard her my­self and I am at a loss to un­der­stand the log­ic be­hind her now de­nial of hav­ing said those words.

The rep­re­sen­ta­tive for Pow­er Stars Steel Orch., while ad­dress­ing the floor af­ter Madam Pres­i­dent ut­ter­ances, re­ject­ed the idea of mov­ing on with­out tak­ing any ac­tion to rec­ti­fy the past.

He was in­ter­rut­ed by the word “Tim­ing” be­ing re­peat­ed three time by some­one at the head ta­ble fol­lowed by the ques­tion “You want to see Di­az in hand­cuffs?”...

“You want to see Di­az in hand­cuffs?”...

Queen Victoria - "The Suspect Band" - 2019

I was also there and I support the author account of what was said on that day. 

Wait nuh....I have delegates in the Congress of Pan Trinbago, supporting the delegate from Power Stars...and it in de Editorial of today's Guardian... Michael Franco. Hmm..well friend...as a special measure of gratitude to Mr. Franco and my other fellow delegates, I will recommit myself to sharing a public editorial grade cut ass unrivalled unless that executive under President Beverley Ramsey Moore and Treasurer Gerald Mendez.....lest  Franco's advice is heeded.

Humble thyself Executives..and watch allyuh step Pan Trinbago.

The entire world is watching you

where is my friend MerryTonesToDeBone..........come friend...read the editorial nuh....Be informed..Love Blessings

Mr Lindsay...I am aware of the editorial and the concerns raised. I admire and applaud the resolve of people like you and my good friend Claude in so aggressively pursuing all things Pan Trinbago. It is indeed noble. You no doubt are quite familiar with my stance on the anyhowness that has infected Panorama and I dare say Pan in general. Unlike you and Claude however I have as of Single Pan prelims 2019 decided to divorce myself from all things Panorama, and at this stage forever because I know that things will never change. Ah not waiting' for light to see what I already can in the dark. I have seen the anyhowness destroy my beloved band Merry Tones to the point where we no longer can "expect" players to turn up for Panorama 2019. Neverthless, we have hired a new arranger who has promised that "he could bring players". 

Gregory...In spite of the current plague of dishonesty, we all continue to support Pan Trinbago and Panorama. But not me anymore sah. While I dream of an well-run organisation where transparency and in turn respect for all members is commonplace, too many of us for my liking simply see dollars to be made...at any cost...

I refuse to be disrespected by what Panorama has become. I refuse to support anybody who will continue to disrespect me. As I said in an earlier post. When confronted with the fact that no system was in place to mitigate against mercenary players, Madame President calmly responded..."We will do it next year"...Not me brother...Allyuh could keep allyuh Panorama...From now...and Forevermore...

Michael Franco....I will never forget this moment brother and what you did here so long as I live..

A real Pan Trinbago delegate with brass balls bolted on......


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