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Anything worth discussing needs more participation but not participation for participation sake. There

should be solid ideas of a positive nature that would enhance the discussion and not take away from it.

Let us have quality rather than quantity. Unfortunately the opposite is often the case.

I have tried giveaways on my site for participation in discussions which are appropriate but nothing

happens, instead infantile and impossible ideas seem to be bandied about, which does nobody good at all.

Perhaps WST can offer tickets to events which are appropriate or even to calypso presentations where

the art form is highlighted. There are also presentations of dances or fashion shows where the pan giants

are showcased and I mean across the board of all ethnic origins and please try to do this without dependence on Government, because the gross effect would be that Government will not want to be left

out yet would not be expected to take the lead.

Many of the evets put on by the Colleges have been successful without dependence on Government.

It may be worthwhile to get the ideas of those teams.

Good luck and may God Bless.

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