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Hello Pan Family,

My name is Joe. I started playing pan 3 years ago. Started on double guitar now I play double second. I play in a band called Delaware Steel based out of the University of Delaware in Newark. In addition to playing, I am a fledgling arranger. I am fascinated by the art of arranging for pans. I learned alot listening to and playing great compositions and panorama style arrangements.

I watched and listened to Panorama 2009 and enjoyed not only the bands but also the sharp commentary before and after each performance. I have been a passive observer of When Steel Talks for about two years so after last night's Panorama I thought I'd say hello and thank you to the pan community at large!

my name is kevin browne, born in the U.S. and parents are from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
i hold a masters in music. I am a hip hop r&b and gospel producer and enjoy the fun of arranging for steel drum. one of my favorites steel bands are 1. Trinidad Allstars 2. Exsodus 3. Despers...i also enjoy Dr Jit and Mr Sharp music...looking forward to lunching my own Pan tune for next year

Hello everyone,
My name is Kay. Technically I've been around pan for my entire existence... My mother (and her brother and sister) and my father both played pan in Tobago, so did my maternal great-uncles, cousins, and grandfather. Plus my great-grandfather played upright bass for the Mighty Sparrow and some other musicians. I was born in Tobago, but I currently reside in the U.S. and I've been playing pan since age seven. I've played with Tropical Ensemble, STVYSO, and currently play with PanMasters Steel Orchestra and Pan United Youth Movement. I played with Harmony in the 2008 NY Panorama, and I can't wait to follow in my mom's footsteps and play in Jean Pierre Complex!
I am a born Trini comming from upper laventille an yes I love my pan . I am also a diehard despers supporter.. I reside in Toronto an i love my caribana looking forward to it also pan Alive too...Thanks for this site keeping pan alive an spreading the beautiful music...
My name is Wayne McDaniel.I was born at 106 Henry St.in Port-of-Spain in 1951.My father was from South Carolina ,my
mother from Trinidad.I was always in a Panyard;mainly All Stars on nearby Duke St.We then moved to Alberto St.in
Woodbrook;next door to where Starlift was born.My godmother lived on Cipriani Boulevard,so I frequented Silver Stars
Panyard.In 1968 I came to New York and Brooklyn.I joined the Army and stayed until I retired in 1994.I married a girl from
Woodbrook in 1974.We and our children reside in Tampa,FL.I work for the Government.My wife works for the private sector.I have a huge collection of "Pan Music".I love Steelband Music.I go for "long walks" for exercise and I listen to
plenty pan music on my ipod.I have visited Trinidad over six times since I left.However I have never been to a Panorama
Finals,because of "leave time" on my jobs.But as Crazy calypso says"Before I Die",I will.And I will learn to beat Pan...bye
As little boy I grow up listen to Pan am North Stars, as I get older Tokyo and then became a fan of Desperadoes all though playing with Laventille Sound Specialist just for a couple of years. I am big fan of Master Clive Bradley who did some wounderfull music for the thirty or so years...now living in Toronto I miss my Panorama real bad, but I keep connected to the pan on internet......
Got hooked on the beauty of pan while in high school (a lonnng time ago) and loved watching J.P. and the Silver Stars at Disney World in Orlando. Been to TnT 3X, twice for Carnival ( really for Panorama) and once for the World Steelband Music Festival. I have "played" first pan for a dozen years, but those of you who truly know how to play wouldn't recognize me as a real pannist.
Hi Everyone, I'm from the western U.S. up here in Seattle. I'm a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle as well as studied art history and music at the University of Washington. I just recently became a fan of the whole pan culture just a short while ago. I'm so impressed at the level of technique & complexity the talented pan musicians of Trinidad & Tobago, as well as everyone all over the world, can achieve. That unique sound coming from the instrument has really enraptured me. As my screen name shows, I'm a Renegades supporter. I'm looking forward to the day when Amrit Samaroo will return the band to winners row. And he will. I'm grateful for the opportunity to express my ideas and feelings on the subject of pan with all you fellow enthusiasts.
Greetings to my World Wide Pan Family:
My name is Carlton E. Munroe and I am 74 years of age. Iwas born in Harlem hospital in August of 1934. My
parents were born in Trinidad and migrated here in the early 30's. Back then we had a very small Trinidadian
community that stretched from 116th St to 135th street and between 5th ave and 7th avenue. Back then calypsonians
like Lord Invader, Growler, Lion, Tiger, Spoiler, King Radio who was blind and many more would come by my
mothers apartment and each one would take his turn to sing a song while the rest contributed the background
music with one guitar. I was the First american born to play in the first steel band in this country with my
mentor and teacher, Mr Rudolf King. My name for members of the band was Tarzan. To this day that is what
the old pan players call me. The new pan Players call me Curly. I've played pan with PanMasters (N.Y) Captained
by Dave LeBarrie, Metro, captained by Big Tony, Cross Fire (N.Y) Despers, Pantonics, etc. To be continued! CEM
My Name is LeRoy C. De gazon Some might think the C is For CANTOS but thats just a nickname when i played tenor with Melodians in Arima back in the 1960's.
I left Trinidad in 1971 with a band that went to Bermuda then moved from there to Los Angeles C.A in 1974 where i met with Robert Greenidge and Played pan there for many years then in 1999 I moved to Tampa Florida Where I am Currently Residing still Playing and doing anything i can to spread the music and culture. PEACE
My name is Queen Macoomeh. I am 98 years of age Auntie Kay...
Ah finally register on WST forum after nearly 4 years of dem boofing me..
I am the CEO of Commess University (www.commessuniversity.com). I have a PhD in commess and am a Bacchanal Laureate.

What else all yuh want to know?


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