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Well ah have to stray this morning and give some credit to NANCY PELOSI; she fight TRUMP mano a mano and win back the house for the DEMOCRATS. But politics is a cold game!!!

And once dem young faces get sworn in come January (3rd), I am sure that they are going to fight tooth and nail to TAKE DOWN NANCY from the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE job after she did all the heavy lifting to stop the RED WAVE.

When TRUMP talks about Nancy Pelosi and her SAN FRANCISCO VALUES -- I will explain what he means by that one day. But she still managed to save the day.

Now I am not a Nancy Pelosi supporter -- but a GREAT POLITICIAN has to be respected as a GREAT POLITICIAN. And I wish that she had the heart to go for the jugular now!!!

Okay, back to the PAN TING!!!

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